With the stroke of a pen, the Chief Justice made the November election about a single issue.

I decided to wait before I reacted, at least online.

I wanted to watch what unfolded.  The temperature of the election skyrocketed immediately.  Both sides started devising strategies for the coming months.  Healthcare workers are trying to figure out what is going on.  The President’s legacy is secure…for now at least.  But his challenger is promising to undo all that he’s done.  68% of people seem to want to undo what the President has done.

But I’m not sure it’s going to ever get done.

And if it is, it’s got a huge…massive hill to climb.

And even if all the people get elected to make it happen, it still might not happen.

Here’s why.

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Hey everyone, I’ve got a big announcement today.

For the last few months, I’ve been writing on the side for Prodigal Magazine.  We launched it with a few ideas in mind, and it worked very much like a collective blog.  The last few months have been something of a beta test.

Now, the whole site is getting a major overhaul.  It’s been reworked and looks super good, and has a ton of content.  And my role is now as a columnist.

Here at this blog, we talk about culture and spirituality.  But there’s a whole other part of my life that has gone untapped until now, that being my job as an art teacher.  Far from being mere child’s play, the art room is rife with opportunities for adult conversations.  My new column is being called “Art Room Parables.”  No, it’s not just for artsy or creative people.  In fact, it’s just as much for people who are creeped out by artsy-fartsy people.

A couple of times a month, starting today, I’ll be directing you to this new column.  I’m really excited about the fresh territory it offers for me to dive into.

Here’s a little preview of the first edition, the “pilot” episode of Art Room Parables.  I hope you’ll read the rest at Prodigal Magazine.

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A winner is you!

Yep, the blog has been updated under the hood.  There’s a few bits and pieces still being put back together.  But the big deal is that the blog now looks amazing and is super convenient on all your mobile devices!  Try it – you’ll like it.

Today, everything is a competition.

It’s not enough to just be a person.  You have to be a better person than everyone else.

The public schools tried to beat the competitive spirit out of us.  They told us we are all special winners, and none of us were losers.  But that competitive spirit persisted.

My generation grew up, started wearing mustaches, and became a bunch of suburbanites.  But its not enough to do these things.  We now do them with the benefit of social media.  Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are all great things.

Especially when it comes to engaging in the biggest contest my generation is locked in today:

Competitive domesticity.  Here are my top four Olympic events in competitive suburban domestic living.

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Sometimes, you have to clean house.  Other times, you have to stock up.

Over the last three years, my blog reader has had a lot of changes made to it.  I’ve cleaned out lots of dormant blogs.  And every once in a while, I go blog shopping.

I recently noticed that my reader was a little…unbalanced.

It seemed my reading slanted quite heavily toward the more testosterone oriented.  There were actually very few women that I was subscribed to.

I didn’t make this conscious choice.  I just have had a hard time finding women that are writing things that I’m interested in.

But on my latest blog shopping spree, I decided to correct this.  I could forgive an occasional post about crafts or baking if the rest of the blog was really melting faces and punching kidneys.

So, here they are.  The ladies who are rocking my blog reader these days.

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Are you a big picture person, or a details person?

I’m a details person.  I’m meticulous.  It kind of drives me nuts sometimes.

I spent four solid days last month planning out the entire next school year.  I spent three solid weeks planning a new class curriculum.  Literally, from 7 am until 10 pm.  For three weeks.  I couldn’t stop until all the details were accounted for.

It kind of drives me crazy when I miss a detail, when I mess up something small.  

I think detail guys don’t get a lot of credit.  Details aren’t sexy.  They don’t excite people.  No one thinks accountants are great.  They like the handsome guy at the front of the room selling the vision, the big picture.  Let’s not get bogged down in the details.  Let’s chase a dream.  Every book and seminar is about having a big vision.  You just don’t see people getting excited about mastering details.

We need big picture people.  But today, just consider all the details that will determine your day.

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Is America a Christian nation?

For two centuries, Christian have enjoyed majority status in America.  I guess that qualifies America as something of a Christian nation.

It’s pretty great being in the majority.  When you want something done, you have people on your side to make it happen.  And Christians have gotten their way on a lot of things in America.  That’s not bad in itself.  It’s just how society works.  Majority rules.

But if you’re like me and you enjoy being the majority, the future should look a little scary.  The statistics on Christianity in America aren’t going anywhere but down.  It’s possible that at some point, Christians will be the minority in America.

All this time, Christians have had control.  And we haven’t always been completely fair or loving really all that “Christian” while we’ve been in charge.

And it makes me wonder…how will Christians expect to be treated in America, when we are the minority?

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