I loved Legos when I was a kid.

If I had a pile of Legos in front of me now, I would play with them.

What is this? Lab Partner Lego girl? Is this offensive toy giving girls the false hope that they can be good at science?

Legos don’t usually make then news, but they did this week. Lego released a new line of toys for girls. And guess what! Despite all of Lego’s market research indicating demand for this product, some cranky women find the toys “offensive.” Apparently, girls can now suffer from low self esteem and poor body image from Legos.

To be honest, I don’t think the girl Legos are nearly offensively enough.

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Aloha, friends.

If you asked the average person, they could probably name no more than ten religions.  But the fact is that there are thousands of religions all over the world.

And I’m not the judgmental type.  I’m respectful of other cultures and beliefs that are different from my own…

Yes, there are people who worship this guy.

…But there are some crazy, flat out stupid religions out there.  Forget Scientology or Baha’i.  They are just barely scratching the depths of crazy.  And I know that I believe that a Jewish rabbi was born as the Son of God 2,000 years ago and rose from the dead after being executed on a cross, and that sounds kind of crazy on the surface, but these religions will make even Christian beliefs seem perfectly normal.

Are you ready?  Let’s take a little tour of a few of the crazy religions you could be joining.

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You know, sometimes we get so caught up with celebrity personalities, we forget to notice the little guy.

There they are, plugging away, fighting the good fight, and no one seems to pay attention.

Today, I want to correct that.  Because while there are the big guys like Rob and Mark and Pat kicking hornet’s nests, there are plenty of other guys who deserve their time in the sun.

I don’t usually single people out, but today, I want to celebrate Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church, an Independent Fundamental Baptist congregation that meets in a classroom-sized space in a strip mall.  Many of you have watched him on YouTube preach with godly ferocity about the importance of wearing pants or urinating while standing (for men) or the evils of painkillers during childbirth (for women).  If you don’t know this guy, then you are missing out.  His star is rising, with every appearance on local news and getting tased by hecklers.

I’ve compiled a “best of” list of some of Pastor Anderson’s most inspirational quotes, a tribute, a salute, if you will.

And maybe you can help me figure out just what it is with fundamentalist preachers.

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What’s the worst thing to accuse someone of?

Think carefully.  I’ll give you a hint.  It starts with the letter ‘R.’

Is “racist” the most serious accusation you can throw at someone?  What about “Republican?”

Keep thinking.  It’s even worse.  The worst thing a person can be encompasses all the evil of the entire human race, and sums it up all in one word.

If I were you, I wouldn’t want to be accused of being…


God, no, not that!  I think some people would rather have dinner with a rapist than a religious person.  And with Jeff Bethke’s video about hating religion, making the rounds, I don’t think religious people are going to be winning any popularity contests any time soon.

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It’s Blog Hunting Season

January 16, 2012

What’s up, everyone?

So, it’s MLK day, which means a lot of you might be home with a little extra time on your hands.

And I’ve got just the thing.

See, every few months, I have to clean out my blog reader.  It gets dusty.  And it gets encrusted with blogs that go dormant.  It’s sad, sweeping out the blog reader.  I feel like I’m giving up some old friends…friends who hadn’t called me in six months anyway.

But every few months, I go on a hunting trip.  I hunt down fresh subscriptions for my blog reader.  I always love discovering new blogs to dive into.  On my blog hunting trips, I’m reminded of one constant fact: most of the stuff on the internet is pure, unadulterated crap.  And the Christian stuff is no exception.  But that only makes the discovery of something actually worthwhile all the sweeter.

Here are my latest and greatest discoveries from the obscure corners of the internet, the new, and new-to-me blogs that are keeping me glued to my blog reader.

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If you’ve had any media exposure over the last 48 hours, you already know…

…and already don’t care…

but Beyonce and Jay-Z had a baby…or something.

I know, I know, it’s big news when two people who are so important make a mini-version of themselves.  But after the news of the hospital ward where the delivery was made, and the baby’s…name, the news on my radio was about the cash the couple spent to outfit the nursery.

So the happy couple has a $20,000 crib, a solid gold rocking horse, and one baby who doesn’t give a crap.  Well, it does give a crap, but not about the crib or the horse.  And you know what?  Even $20,000 cribs get crapped on.  No one can have nice things when a kid is involved.

I’ve got a question for all you really, really, ridiculously wealthy people out there who read my blog.  I know, there’s a lot of you, because that’s how really rich people start their days – by reading my blog.  The rest of you, don’t worry, you can participate too.

Here’s my question for all the rich people out there…

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