This Sunday is Father’s Day.

And in some corners of blog-land, a discussion goes on: has God put men in charge of women?  Has God given his church a masculine feel?  Has God decided what is men’s work and women’s work?

I’m not surprised it’s still going on, even though it feels at times that the horse just won’t die.  This isn’t going away any time soon.

But I think I have found the answer to the question.  It’s deceptively simple.  It’s so simple, no one is talking about it.  It’s so simple, that people are secretly saying, “That can’t be the answer!”

You could take this answer right now, and probably fix most of the problems in your family.  You could make this your credo for life and be a much happier person.  And you could be sure that it is God’s plan for men and women everywhere.

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Internet rule #34: if it exists, there is a fetish for it.

That’s a real saying, one I didn’t make up.  And even if you have never heard it, chances are you don’t have a hard time believing it.  People seem to have no shortage of talent when it comes to taking good things and turning them into obsessions.

Rule #34 is no less true for Christians either.

One of my posts from long ago in the archives is still my favorite, where I described how prosperity preaching resembles pornography.

More quasi-leadership buzzwords, please!

But, I have discovered a new Christian fetish, one for those of us whose engines just don’t get revved up by prosperity preaching.  We celebrate it.  We gather by the thousands to get a glimpse of it.  We idolize and glamorize and fetishize it above all else.

It’s leadership.  

I can sense pupils dilated and palms sweating just reading that word.

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What are so-called “seekers” actually seeking?

You know, those seekers that we talk about so much.  Whole churches can be seeker sensitive, or seeker driven, or seeker centered, depending on how aggressively they want to seek seekers.  That was a weird sentence.

When churches decide they want to appeal to seekers, it drives them to try all kinds of ploys and tricks to gain and keep their attention.  But does anyone ever ask what it is that seekers are actually seeking?

I haven’t heard one person ask that question.

And that very fact may mean that churches across the country are at best, wasting their time, or worse, trying to lure the wrong seekers.

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It just needs a finishing touch: meat.

Have I found that new and improved “me” yet?

As you may remember, a week ago I told you that I was launching, much like a church or a corporation, a new and improved “me.”  A complete “rebranding” if you will.  In other words, I want to get healthy.

I had a plan, or a “vision” (as plans are now referred to).  It started with the humble goal of doing a juice diet for longer than my brother (who broke down after 48 hours and went to McDonald’s.)

So, is the new me a success, or did we have a failure to launch?  Here’s what I’ve learned, ten days into this “health” thing.

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Privacy is overrated.

Just a few moments ago, again, I saw a familiar update in my Facebook timeline.  In read:

“Facebook is now a publicly traded company!!!!  That means anyone on the internet can use any of your status updates or photos without your permission!!! Blargh!!!  You do not have my permission to invade my privacy, internet!!!!1″

Right.  Then I clicked “block user.”

This sort of thing pops up pretty frequently, every time people get a whiff of some change on Facebook, but now that Facebook is on the stock market, it adds a new, scary element to the whole crazy idea that someone’s going to steal your identity…via Facebook.

And since this is so inane that it just has to stop, I’m going to clear this up right now.

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How many of you, right now, are working your “dream job?”

None of you.  Because right now, you’re reading this blog, probably on company time.

Aside from that, most of us, according to the stats, are not working our dream jobs.  We had to settle for something less, something that pays the bills.

Our jobs wear us out, frustrate us, but probably worst: they don’t feel that important.

You can deal with frustration if you feel like your job is important.  But no one can stand feeling like they are wasting their time or talents, or that their job has little meaning…or they are missing God’s plan for their life.

That’s what it’s all about, right?  God must have had something bigger, better, more spectacular planned for me than just this, right?

…Maybe not.  Maybe there’s a good reason God doesn’t have a better plan for your life.

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