You know what’s worse than anything in a bad economy?


Investments don’t go anywhere in a bad economy.  That’s what frustrates people more than almost anything, I think.  My wife and I have a small nest egg that we started.  Guess what it’s done?  Lost money.  Even the best mutual fund managers can’t figure out how to make good investments in a bad economy.  These are people who are supposed to know how to make money, and they can’t do it!  Right now, investing seems about as big a crock as insurance.  You’ve probably made a bad investment or two as well.

On the other hand, the world loves visionaries, entrepreneurs, and go-getters.  Those are the people who history books are written about, who changed the world, who get the admiration of millions of people.

And you know what each of those people needed?  Investors.

Turns out, I’ve got a fail-safe investment that anyone can get a return on, even in the worst economy.

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A New Writing Project

March 16, 2012

Hey everyone.

For a while, I’ve been thinking and hoping and trying to branch out my writing efforts beyond this blog.  Sure, I’ve been a guest writer for a lot of blogs and websites.  But I’ve been looking for something more.

And now it looks like it’s time to clue you in on my new writing project.  My friends, Darrell and Ally Vesterfelt (formerly Ally Spotts) are launching Prodigal Magazine. (Actually, it’s a re-launch of a very well established site, but whatever.  The site is under new management, and just like that dingy Chinese restaurant down the street, an “under new management” sign is always promising.)

And yours truly is a staff writer, which I have never been able to call myself before.  Very prestigious.

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Mormon for President

March 14, 2012

I saw Mitt Romney yesterday.

He was having a rally, right in my little suburb, on the college quad.  I didn’t go to the rally, but I was in the right place at the right time to see him driving up to the campus.  His jaw and hairline in the passenger window were unmistakable.

I’ve been putting off this blog post for a while, but seeing the possible future President reminded me of this.

More and more, a President’s faith comes under scrutiny and doubt from the public.  I’m pretty sure half the country despised the fact that W. was a Christian.  Now, half the country believes Obama is a Muslim, so he has to try to combat that with periodic public displays of Christianity.  Despite our “post-religious” culture, we still take religion really seriously.

And the next election will possibly break new ground when it comes to religion in the White House, and I for one am torn on what the right choice is.

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As of this writing, I’m laying flat on my back, laptop on my stomach, with a faint but distinctive tingly feeling in my right foot.

This is not normal.

I’m not an old guy with rheumatoid arthritis or anything.  I can’t make weather predictions by my bum knee or anything like that.  I wish I could.  Can you imagine never having to check the weather channel?  Awesome.

But for the last year, I’ve been seeing my brother in law who’s a chiropractor.  I’ve started having some weird problems with my back.  The pain caused by jumbled neck vertebrae first brought me to his office.

Which brings us to the weird, tingly feeling in my foot.  It seems that in my lower back, I pulled some muscles…and some bones…and some nerves, all of which is pretty uncomfortable.  And now there’s a nerve that’s getting squeezed, which is causing my foot to tingle in a super annoying way.

I don’t say this for the “woe is me” effect.  I’ve actually learned some really important life lessons while staring at the ceiling.

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Maybe you’ve seen the promos…

This month, ABC debuted the confusingly titled “GCB.”  It’s a show about a bunch of women who apparently have personal vendettas against all the other women.  To avoid offending any viewers’ delicate sensibilities, the show is called by it’s acronym, instead of its full title, Good Christian Bitches.  Yes, I’m not putting asterisks or anything in place of the vowels.  We’re all adults here.

Of course, the Christian forums are heating up with the usual righteous indignation.  Everyone always asks why Christians can’t be depicted in a positive light.

I did some thinking on this over the last couple of days, and I’ve come to the conclusion that every Christian who is probably offended by the show’s title, (myself included) has pretty much missed the entire point.  And I’ll tell you why Christians will never, never be portrayed positively in TV or movies, and why that’s a good thing.

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Everyone has to apologize every once in a while.

It’s no fun.  And the more people you have to apologize in front of, I imagine, the less fun it is.

Public apologies have become a staple of our cultural diet.  Every month or two, we expect a celebrity, pastor, or politician to apologize to us.  In fact, we demand it.  We foam at the mouth.  We jeer and flaunt the person’s wrongdoing…

…And it’s really annoying.

You know that Rush Limbaugh apologized on his show on Monday.  He will not be the last person to apologize for saying something he should not have.  And so, the next time we all have an apology coming to us, here’s three super-annoying habits everyone can stop doing.

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