What are we known for?ss-120805-shooting-tease.photoblog600-300x225

Surely, you know about the shooting at the Sikh (pronounced “seek”) temple in Wisconsin.

In all the articles I read, writers attempted to describe a people and a faith that are relatively unfamiliar to many Americans.

The Sikh men are known for wearing turbans and not cutting their beards (or their hair.)  That’s an obvious one.

But everyone used adjectives like:






In an effort to sum up an entire religion, those are the words that people use.  Those values are what Sikhs are known for embodying.

It makes me wonder…

…what are we as Christians known for?  If pressed for an adjective for Christians, what would be the first one that would come to peoples’ minds?

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Blogs I Wish I Had Written

August 10, 2012

One of the most important things I think bloggers can do is celebrate other bloggers.keyboard

It’s tough, because you’ll read something great, and then immediately think why didn’t I write that.

Then you think how can I copy that, but in a way that no one catches on?

My blog reader is full of posts I’ve clicked the star icon on…and resisted the urge to plagiarize.  If you’ve been in need of some really quality blogs (or your ego is a bit too big, like you’re the best blogger ever), then you need to check out these excerpts from blogging nirvana.  (Yeah, I’m “easing” back into blogging by blatantly copying other peoples’ blogs.  Get off my case.)

The best of the starred items in my reader from the last couple of weeks.

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article-2183860-145C293E000005DC-577_306x423What would you do to be healed?

Medical treatment usually hurts a little bit.  The doctor has to give you a shot.  He warns you it’s going to hurt.

When people suffer enough, they go through a lot to try to find a cure.  Some people resort to alternative or non-traditional medicine.  For other people, traditional Western medicine is enough of an ordeal.  Medical treatment can hurt.

Would you take a punch to the face to be cured?

Todd Bentley is willing to oblige you.  He’s the beefy, tattooed “evangelist” who promises divine healing from his punches, kicks, jabs and choke holds.

And just as quickly as he is gaining notoriety during his global tour with Fresh Fire ministries, communities and governments are trying to block his way.

So, God works in mysterious ways.  Who says he can’t work through a biker’s knuckles?

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Stop Living By Sight

August 6, 2012

Today, I’m back at Prodigal Magazine and my Art Room Parables column.  Read the preview, and join me over there to finish the conversation! 

Great.  Now, in order to be a successful, functional adult, I have to have a “vision.”


That’s what they tell me anyway.  There are thousands of books being sold, articles being written, DVD sets being watched, and conferences being attended, hawking this “vision” thing.  It goes by other names too.  If you’re in the corporate world, they might call it a “five year plan.”  If you’re in more Christian circles, they might call it God’s “calling” or “purpose” for your life.  Other people might call it a “life plan.”  And a lot of people are calling it a “vision.”

And for a near-sighted, detail-oriented guy like me, having a life plan, calling or vision is extremely difficult.  I can’t see five years into the future.  I barely can see into this afternoon.  I don’t have a “vision.”

So, what hope is there for those of us who can’t seem to catch a vision for life?

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On Wednesday, you broke records, so they say.  You ate a crap-load of processed chicken sandwiches and mayonnaise based secret sauce.  I want to know if anyone ate the carrot-raisin salad instead of fries.  I can’t imagine anyone ordering that.

supporters_flock_to_chic_file_9415641_a165d5e8a2d8f56c73755e8dcb17c3e9You had some people outside your ranks support you and eat along with you.

And some of your own were embarrassed by you.  They averted their eyes and went to Burger King instead.  They pointed fingers.  They were ashamed of you.

They say you stand for hate.

And bigotry.

And they ask if this is what it’s come to.  Is this what moves and mobilizes the church?  Chicken sandwiches?

I’m not going to judge your motivations.  Plenty of other Christians already are.  So I won’t claim to know why you were standing in line.

I’ve got something much bigger on my mind then why you were in line on Wednesday.

Right now, take everything else out of the equation, and just imagine what we could do if we could get excited about something as much as we got excited for one day about chicken.

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Have you ever daydreamed in church?

Sure you have.  We all have.  A prayer or a sermon goes a little long, and pretty soon, minds start wandering.

There’s little harm done by a little daydreaming.  But what happens when the daydream turns into a fantasy?

I should just start a series on this.  Because first it was prosperity preaching, and then it was leadership.  I’m pretty certain I’ve found another kind of Christian “porn.”  It runs rampant.  There are millions of Christians addicted to it.  We think about it at home.  We fantasize about it in church.  We celebrate it on blogs.  My God, do we celebrate it on blogs.  If I were a non-Christian dropped into Christian blog-land on any given day, I can’t say there would be much of a chance that I’d ever set foot in a church, seeing what Christians think of it.

Christians are addicted to church porn.  And it’s wrecking our appetities for the real thing.  It’s not just about big light and sound shows either.  The problem is everywhere.

Here we go…

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