Hey peeps!

Well, 2011 has almost come to a close.  It’s been a great year, and I’d like to think it’s had its share of good blogging.

This Friday will be my last post of the year.  I’ll be taking next week off to chill with family, play video games an inordinate amount of time, and do some catch up reading on my favorite blogs.

I’ll also be spending some time thinking about what kinds of special things I can do here on the blog in the next few months.  Most of what you read is not planned out that far.  I don’t know about you, but I’m doing really great if I know on Sunday what the week will look like on the blog.  99% of what you read what written just a day or two before.  It’s how I stay “topical” and “relevant,” and “dynamic,” and a bunch of other meaningless and idiotic catch phrases that Christians and bloggers use.  But special things and guest posts have to be given some advanced thought.

So here’s what I’m thinking.  I’d like to give you the chance to help me write some cool stuff in 2012.

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Even the Pagans Do That

December 19, 2011

What makes a day in your life?

If you didn’t catch Ridley Scott’s Life in a Day when it was released, it’s now on Netflix.  It’s that movie made of hundreds of home movies from all over the world, clipped together, to make a complete picture of human life in one day.  People sleep, go about their morning routines, play with their kids, go to work, worship and pray, have dinner with family, and all the other imaginable human activities.

It’s kind of a remarkable movie, if only because it’s a film made of a bunch of smaller films that no one would ever want to watch.

But it also made me think.  What does a day in my life look like?  What about yours?

And more importantly is this: Christians boast that Jesus is the most important part of our lives.  But is he this most important part of our days?

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Hey everyone!

I’ve got a great guest blogger for you today.  With the battle over Christmas in full swing again, with the armies of Christians defending their holiday against the onslaught of “holiday” celebrators, I thought I’d do a little fraternizing with the enemy.

For several months, No Forbidden Questions has been one of the few atheist blogs in my blog reader.  NFQ, as she calls herself, comments here regularly, and what she says is always thoughtful and challenging.  If you want your Christian apologetics to get a workout, read her blog.

Today, I’ve got her here to ask her just what the deal is with all these atheists trying to destroy our sacred holiday and make baby Jesus cry.  Good stuff.

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“Is Santa for Real?”

December 14, 2011

Parents, can you do me a favor?

See, it’s that time of year when kids are pumped up for Santa to come to their houses and bring lots of goodies.  But like any faithful Christian, children sometimes have doubts about Santa’s existence.

Of course, other kids have become hard-bitten Santa atheists.  And they come to school, passionate about their new beliefs, and like a new religious convert, make idiots of themselves as they try to convert their friends with zeal and half-truths and lots of bad information.  And the believers will push back with righteous indignation.  Once children get a taste for blood that comes from persecuting others’ beliefs, it’s hard to break them of it.

So can you give your kids a little prep this week?  Tell them that, like their bodies or politics, we talk about Santa’s existence at home with Mom and Dad, not with the teacher, and not with other kids…

Because, I’m having trouble coming up with a good response to your kids when they ask if Santa is real.  Here’s a few I’ve tried out.  None have been ideal.  Maybe you can help me.

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Parents will do just about anything to make Christmas memorable for the kids.

Some parents search relentlessly for the gift that the kids will remember forever.

Others try to get the spiritual meaning of Christmas across to their kids…which can be difficult when the kids are hopped up on candy canes and the ecstasy of unbridled consumerism.

And some parents try to use Christmas to blackmail their children into good behavior.  Some parents trot out the old myth that Santa can always see you.  Others employ modern inventions like the “elf on the shelf,” who is basically Santa’s spy, a ruse crafted for savvy post-911, Patriot Act children.

If you want my advice on how your kids can have the most meaningful, memorable Christmas ever, it doesn’t take any extra trips to the mall or stories about Santa and elves.

Just tell your kids you don’t love them…

Still with me?  No?  Let me clarify.

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Christmas Ruins Lives

December 9, 2011

On Wednesday, we talked about how a bunch of people think they can’t “afford” Christmas.

“Poo!” said I!  We’re just a bunch of whiners addicted to self pity.

Have you ever thought about what the first Christmas really cost?  No, not the gold and frankincense.  Though, if I got a box of smelly myrrh paste, I’m not sure I’d be too excited, no matter the cost.

I mean really.  Have you thought about this?  Christmas ruins lives.  Has been for a couple thousand years.  If you don’t believe me, then pour yourself a glass of eggnog and read my possibly somewhat completely irreverent telling of the Christmas story.

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