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It all started when I wrote this post lampooning the sometimes over-zealous fans of Jon Acuff’s blog, Stuff Christians Like. When Jon read it for himself, he posted it on his own blog. Since then, I’ve guest blogged several times for Stuff Christians Like since this first guest post. You can check out everything I’ve written for him right here, or read on to see the post that started it all.

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Many of you who frequent my blog from time to time are also familiar with the far superior blog, Stuff Christians Like. I’ve been a semi-daily reader for several months now, and have commented on his blog a few times, but I’m still a pretty obscure face over there. What was apparently just a riff on Stuff White People Like has mushroomed into quite a large online community. Jon isn’t a seminary-trained pastor, but he does have his own church. His profile is around the 50,000 hit mark.

Jon’s posts regularly attract at least 50 comments, sometimes reaching the 200 mark. His readers are loyal and active. They play his little games, take his quizzes, shout out ideas. On the days he just ‘preaches,’ he reduces people to virtual piles of blubbering emotions and tears of admiration. He’s even had a ‘famous’ Christian or two comment on his blog.

This phenomenon of prolific commenting on SCL now has a bonified place in the great pile of stuff Christians like (lowercase sCl). His blog, and commenting on it, literally is something that Christians now like. I wonder if he has realized that, and if he plans on writing a post about it. When you get Matt Redmond commenting on your blog, it officially belongs in the category of stuff Christians like. And let’s be straight – Jon deserves all the attention he gets. As I stated, his blog is far superior to this one.

Let’s take a little quiz to see how great a commenter you are at SCL:

1. Your daily morning ritual includes checking and commenting on today’s SCL post, and then possibly getting dressed and going to work = +1 point

2. You have awakened earlier than you need to at least once, for the purpose of commenting before anyone else = +2 points

3. You comment while at work, which is stealing from your employer = -1 point

4. You comment while at work, and then dock your own pay for the time you used = +2 points

5. You comment while at work…on someone else’s computer = +3 points

6. You comment ‘anonymously,’ which is like being a ‘back-row Baptist’ = -2 points

7. You ‘define’ the made-up verification word = +1 point

8. You recall in a word or two a past entry or running joke because you are part of the SCL ‘in crowd’ = +1 point

9. You spend at least five minutes wracking your brain, trying to come up with a funny or clever comment to impress Jon = +2 points.

10. You consult your spouse to try to come up with a funny or clever comment = -1 point

11. In desperation, you consult your children to try to come up with a funny or clever comment = -3 points

12. Defeated, you give up trying to come up with a funny or clever comment, and just tell Jon he’s awesome/handsome = +1 point

13. You actually do get a comment back from Jon, making the sun shine a little brighter for the rest of the day = +3 points

14. You take credit for your spouse or child’s cleverness after it wins Jon’s praises = -3 points

15. After 27 hours of wracking your brain, when you least suspect it, your coworkers hear you suddenly slap your desk and scream inarticulately as the perfect comment to yesterday’s post finally dawns on you = +1 point

16. Feeling inadequate about your score on a ‘quiz’ day, you comment about the reasons you should receive extra credit = +1 point

17. You try to award yourself completely inordinate amounts of extra credit = -2 points

18. Of course, you’ll buy the upcoming SCL book, scribble comments all over the pages, and then proudly mail it to Jon for his approval = +5 points

19. Along with comments, you’ll decorate your SCL book with doodles, glitter, googly eyes, stickers, pom poms, goldfish crackers, generic cookies, and any other leftover VBS razzle dazzle you can score…and then proudly mail it to Jon for his approval = +5 points

*Update* – there have been several great points suggested by commentors, thirsty for extra credit. It does not take much to outdo me at my own game. So all of those suggestions do count toward a higher score. I don’t know what you get if you recieve a high score, but maybe Jon will give you a sticker or other such bric-a-brac.