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My first reaction, like many of you I am sure, was…

"You mean I'm going to stay this color???"

“You mean I’m going to stay this color???”


A white woman has been “living as a black woman.”

My first question, in all seriousness was “What does it mean to live as a black woman?” But soon enough, things were cleared up.

Rachel Dolezal was lying about her identity.

Not that lying about your identity is what it means to “live as a black woman.” She was just trying very hard to be a black woman. She was dishonest with people. She implied that she had an African-American father. Bruce / Caitlyn Jenner didn’t have the luxury of lying about his / her gender.

Rachel Dolezal told Matt Lauer that she has been this way since she was five, drawing self-portraits with the brown crayons instead of the peach colored crayons.

On the one hand, Rachel appears to have had a challenging and unusual childhood, so maybe that’s true. On the other hand, she has been proven to be a very unreliable narrator for her own life, so who knows what we should believe.

But here’s the thing. Rachel may be unusual. She may be unreliable. She may even be unethical. She might even be crazy…

…But I’ll claim her.

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You know, for all of the free market competition we have here in America, we have a real tendency toward conglomeration. Depositors Waiting for Bank to Open

You knew that already, I bet.

Of course, you know that scads of retailers have gone out of business, while just a couple have risen to the top and consolidated the market. Amazon dominates online retail because they are dog gone good at what they do, better than anyone else.

The food we buy at the supermarket has the appearance of variety, but really the vast majority of foods that we buy come from just a handful of conglomerates. Think you’re sticking it to Starbucks by purchasing the cheaper Seattle’s Best? Think again, sucker. Seattle’s Best is a secret Starbuck’s brand to trick all of their haters.

The vast majority of the news and information we are exposed to comes from just about half a dozen conglomerates a far cry from the thirty or so media outlets of a few decades ago.

And most of our nation’s money goes into the vaults of just a few banks. We saw all of the benefits of that in 2008 and beyond.

So what does all of this conglomer-ization have to do anything?

It has everything to do with the economy of the American church, which just might be situated for economic disaster.

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You may have heard, because the internet lost its mind temporarily last week.Gift Catalogue - Kandia ADP - Animals

World Vision, known for sponsoring desperately poor children in dozens of countries revised its hiring policy, opening the door for employment to legally married homosexuals…

Then they revised their hiring policies again…back to their original status.

The entire process took about 48 hours, give or take.

And in between the beginning and end was a whole lot of yelling (virtually speaking). A lot of people lashing out at World Vision, heaping on condemnation, so much so that apparently World Vision could not ignore the protests.

This would probably have been an event that I would have been able to ignore entirely if it wasn’t for the collective outcry that drew so much attention to it.

And in retrospect, I have come to an inescapable conclusion, that this event says more about all of us than it does about World Vision.

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No Money, Mo Problems

November 3, 2010

If you haven’t heard, Crystal Cathedral is bankrupt.

That’s the big glass church in California where good old Robert Schuller still teeters and totters around while some junior Schuller runs things.  They also put on The Hour of Power television show.  And now they’re broke.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a church filing for bankruptcy.  I’m sure it’s happened, but not to a church this big.  In a time when my neighborhood is littered with empty Blockbusters and Circuit City stores (the last one was built just six months before the company went down in flames) and other refuse and rubbish, and lots of churches are struggling with flagging tithes and shrinking budgets, this is ripe for commentary. 

Why the Crystal Cathedral is Bankrupt and Yours May Be Next

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The End of Men

September 24, 2010

It’s been a rough week for Bishop Eddie Long.

As an outspoken advocate against homosexuality in Atlanta, Long is now accused of coercing three young men into a sexual relationship with him.  Naturally, the media is all over this.

I’m not too familiar with Long, and many of you might not be either, because he’s just in a different circle from me.  I’m not going to spend my time even accusing or condemning Long, and you’ll see why in a minute.  But it seems like every few months, the church is just due for a scandal, preferably involving a sordid sexual affair. 

I don’t mean to detract in any way from the plight of the victims in these cases.  But ironically, it isn’t just the victims who are victimized, but as an honest man, I’m victimized and so are you, and I’m going to tell you why.

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Christians Gone Wild!

July 21, 2010

Have you heard the audio tapes?

It’s likely that I don’t even have to mention the name of the particular movie star who I’m talking about.  Every media outlet has been all over those tapes like a tabloid on a photo of Britney or Lindsey’s lady bits.  And of course, our voyeuristic tendencies take over, and we eat up every second of scandal.

So now Christians are taking up the task of asking themselves the question, “What to do with Mel Gibson now that he is bonified insane?”  Just a few years ago, he was the champion of our cause with the horrifyingly accurate violence of The Passion of the Christ.  But now that it’s clear he has a real life violent temper, it’s kind of hard to embrace him as a brother in Christ.

However, as we all know, Mel is hardly the first to stain the name of Jesus by being a sinner.  From priests to televangelists to Henry VIII, Christians just can’t seem to clean up their act for long.  Yet, every time it happens, we always act surprised.  There’s so many scandals that have long since been forgotten.  Maybe before we decide how to react, we can put Mel’s situation in perspective with a little history of bad behavior among famous Christians.  

Ten Other Badly Behaving Christians

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