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“Are you quitting your day job?”Old_typewriter_macro_shot_by_Jantiff_Stocks3

Since Life After Art was published, I’ve done quite a few radio interviews, which is a lot of fun.  After a few, you start to learn what questions to expect.  But recently, I got a question that I really wasn’t prepared for:

“Are you quitting your job now that you’ve published a book?”

I get why the radio host asked that question.  Isn’t that what we all want to do, especially as bloggers?  We dream of some romantic future where we can turn our hobby into our full-time profession.  I admit, I dream too.  Not many people get to do it, but just enough do that the rest of us might keep vigil for our dream of someday.

But my answer was, “No.”  Unequivocally, no.  Not just because of the realities that writing has not made me enough money to turn it into a career, but because it is not my ambition to do so.  I have set aside that ambition, despite all of it’s appeal.

Writing full-time is certainly a noble ambition.  But it isn’t mine.  And you are a blogger who dreams of becoming a “real” writer, maybe you should consider these reasons I’m not trying to become a full-time author.

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Life After Art is a mere five weeks away, and today’s entry in our Path to Publication series was the toughest chapter for me in getting BookEditingpublished.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about how some parents don’t want their children’s teachers to use red pens, because having mistakes pointed out is stressful…

Well, it’s true, turning over your hard work to an editor is stressful.  For me, it was the most stressful, anxiety inducing part of readying Life After Art to see the light of day.

But…it was certainly worth it.

So, what can you expect, and how should you prepare for the editor to put red ink all over your hard work?

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You want to publish a book.  I knew it.  Don’t we all?

I’m not an expert on getting published.  But as we near the publication of my first book, Life After Art, I decided I wanted to help you reach that goal too by sharing the details of my experience.

In part one, we talked about the need for you to find your great story – the thing you need to write about.  For me, it took four years of blogging, and not one, but three attempts at writing a book.

Yeah, I didn’t say it would be easy.  But a book simply could not have been published any sooner without those years of practice (and the experiences in my life during those years.)

Today is all about making friends.  You know how some people say “it takes a village to raise a child.”

Whether or not it’s true of kids, it’s definitely true of books.

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Let’s face it.  A lot of you are out there.  You’re plugging away at your blogs…write-on-november-is-national-novel-writing-month-a5349cc216

…But you have another ambition.

You’d like to be an author.  Of a book.  With pages and a cover.

We all know it’s true.  A lot of us get into blogging in the hopes of becoming authors.  When I started blogging over four years ago, becoming an author wasn’t the first thing on my mind.  But as I saw more and more bloggers publishing books, it became a goal for me too, though I wouldn’t admit it to many people.

Well, it’s hard to believe that we are just two months away from April 1, the release of my first book, Life After Art.  It’s an event that I could not have imagined less than a year ago.

So, along with the Creative Giants series, today I’m starting a five part series, which I hope will encourage you, the blogger who would like to cross over into writing your own book someday.

This is my path to publication.

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