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I hear the war cry, the drums being beaten, the trumpets sounding…

It is the nearly deafening cacophony of noise and disparate voices.  And what is the noise all about?


It has become an almost daily stream in my blog reader.  Every day, someone is marching on, demanding equality where some perceived inequality exists: between the sexes, the races, the classes, whomever.  And the people who feel slighted or abused cheer them on, anxious to finally feel that their injustice has been righted.

I have a confession to make.

I don’t believe in equality.

I know, this is going to be tough to explain.  You might be already readying your pitchforks.  Hear me out.

Six Reasons I Don’t Believe in Equality

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The scene of some dangerous finger pointing, noise making and make-believe playtime. Crisis averted, thanks to quick thinking by heroic school officials.

Kids get in trouble at school every day.  Nothing unusual there.

Getting suspended from school used to be the worst punishment that a kid could get.  It was the last resort, reserved for kids who picked fights and were serious offenders.

Today, on a pretty regular basis, you can read stories about a new kind of elementary school hooligan.

Every week or two, there’s a new story of a kid who doesn’t actually bring a weapon to school, or make actual threats toward others, or actually hurts anyone. No, these new playground terrorists get suspended for having a Hello Kitty bubble gun, pointing fingers at playmates while making the ubiquitous “pow” sound of a gun, or even disposing of an imaginary bomb in order to save the world.

Thank God these school administrators are here to save our playgrounds from future Jack Bauers, MacGyvers and Chuck Norrises.

Before you think I’m coming down too hard on principals who have to enforce their “zero tolerance” policies about weapons and violence in an age of school shootings, think about how easy the zero tolerance policy has made the task of suspending kids, and how we are increasingly living in a stark black-and-white world with fewer and fewer shades of gray.

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That’s a perennial issue.  And since Valentine’s Day was just yesterday, I thought I’d check in on this topic that seems to continually swirl through my blog reader.

Of course, it mostly concerns female modesty.  You know, neck lines and skirt lengths and the rules which have mostly been made and enforced by men (to supposedly protect other men from evil feminine temptations.)

May I suggest something?  It may bring a welcomed resolution to the entire debate.

“Modesty” as we define it does not matter.  We’ve missed the point entirely and done a disservice to men and women.

We can throw out this debate forever.

Ready to find out how to end the modesty debate forever?

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Have you ever been left out of a group?ComeToSecretClub

You know, like not invited to a birthday party?  Or the mean kids at school made a “No (Your Name) Club.”

That’s what I thought.  At one time or another, we’ve all felt left out.

This week, it’s being reported that an announcement may be imminent: that the Boy Scouts will begin to allow gay scouts and leaders (at the discretion of the individual troops, it appears.)

Of course, opinions fall all over the spectrum.  Who should be “in” and who should be “out.”  Ahem…

Plenty of people have been simultaneously praising and insulting the Scouts for a great first step away from “bigotry.”  And there are others who think it will ruin the spirit of Scouting.  For some unfathomable reason, USA Today asked SBC President Albert Mohler what he thinks of the pending announcement, as if his opinion has any bearing whatsoever and is not already thoroughly predictable.

You know what I think?

I think exclusivity – leaving some people out - is not always such a bad thing…

…but probably not in the way you’re thinking.

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Quit Ruining the Internet

January 25, 2013

commentsI love a good conversation.

I love a healthy debate, even a fired up but friendly debate.  I love all of you who comment here on my blog, even when you disagree vehemently with me.  I think it brings people to better mutual understanding, even if no one’s minds are changed.  I feel like I grow a bit whenever one of you disagrees with me.

I have had some really challenging discussions with some of my best friends.  I’ve even had some incredible disagreements with my wife.  And none of these disagreements have ever resulted in name calling, personal attacks or expletives being lobbed like grenades.

But it should be clear to anyone who reads the comment section of the average news site that most people are completely incapable of rational, civilized discussion.  Comments are often the rhetorical equivalent of chimps hurling feces at each other.  Many of these comments come from people who claim to be Christians.

I’ve jotted down a few of the most frequently occurring and egregious comments that are ruining the comment sections of the internet.

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With the year winding down, it’s a great time to reflect…

…especially on a few of our favorite things.

It’s kind of a tradition in blogging, and probably everywhere else too, to wrap up the year by telling everyone what your favorite things were this year.

I’m bringing you my list a little bit early, so you have some time to make a few last minute purchases for Christmas, or plan your lazy Christmas vacation accordingly.

Here are my favorites this year, from books to movies, to blogs to charitable causes, along with links so you can easily buy everything on my list!

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