About the Blog

Thanks for reading my blog!  You’re probably here to find out a little about me.

For starters, I’m a pastor.  But I pay the bills by being a teacher.  That’s called being “bi-vocational.”  I used to be, among other things, a graphic designer and youth pastor.  I live with my wife, and our dogs.

So, what’s this blog all about?

On Sundays I preach. They’re usually decent messages.  This blog is full of the messages that “didn’t make it,” messages that might make people second guess why I’m their pastor.  So I put them here, in the church where no one’s around to read them.  I realized that pastors may be tempted sometimes to hold back hard truths when it might offend the people writing their paycheck.  But the message changes when a pastor has nothing to lose!  That’s the idea behind the blog.

I also find that blogging is a relatively safe place for me to throw out ideas, and see what comes back.  Sometimes, my suspicions are confirmed.  Other times, readers revolt in offense, and I’m put in my place.  I enjoy both scenarios.  The blog is a safe place to grow and refine my views without shocking, offending, and alienating friends.

Want to contact me?

If you look to the right, above the banner, you’ll see some buttons you can use to subscribe to the blog, or connect with me on FaceBook or Twitter.  Or you can use the comment form below to write me directly.  You can ask me to come speak at your next event, ask for personal or blogging advice, ask which college your child should attend, or request to cite me in your academic paper for school (all of which has happened).

If you comment on my blog, I will visit your blog if you have one.  If you send me a message, I will read it and respond because I don’t have a secretary.