The World Will Not Change Unless Each of Us Moves to Change It

October 5, 2015

I have a question for you.

Do we want to change?

Not just change the rules or change the system, but change ourselves as a people.

I ask this because last week, we had an event happen that, let’s admit, we are all used to happening.

Another shooter. Another gun. Another campus.

You and I sit at home and say, “How sad.”

But we also think to ourselves, “It could never happen here.

I fully admit that’s what I think. And so, we allow another event to slip through our fingers without anything being done about it.

The fact is that you and I and every other human being on Earth does not like change. We are creatures of habit and inertia. We like our mess just the way it is, thank you very much. And usually on a micro level, it takes a significant event to make us clean up our mess. We have to have a medical emergency, or the threat of divorce or some other “wake up call” that motivates us to actually do hard things.

The other fact of human nature is that we worry about “number one” first. We may give enough time or money to feel “generous” or “moral,” but we protect our nests and our own baby birds above all else. And so when a problem is “out there,” we let it lie outside and don’t make it our responsibility.

There is no single person in America, not even the President, who can change the nature of our society. No single person can stop shooters from shooting up campuses. There is also no single solution that will stop the problem. Taking guns away won’t do it. National mental health screenings won’t. Better security, or anything else we could dream up won’t fix anything.

The solution is much more complicated than any of those things. It may or may not involve any of the above.

But it also involves each of us. 

You and I don’t have the ability to change our society. But we have some little corner of the world that we watch over. We have some circle of influence. And we have the ability to make that circle more a more peaceful place, more loving, more kind, more generous.


We don’t have an epidemic of “crazy people with guns.” We have an epidemic of disenfranchised, isolated people.

We all have the ability and the responsibility to see those people.

The world does not change unless each of us moves to change it.

2 responses to The World Will Not Change Unless Each of Us Moves to Change It

  1. This is so spot on.

    Also, making a hash-tag isn’t a great commission. How sad it’s come to this. fighting sin one hash-tag at a time.

    Arny Sanchez recently posted..Oh, Yes I Will…Join Me!

  2. I used to think the world was full of deceived people, that people were somehow simply ignorant or kind at heart, and that many were just a victim of sad circumstances, wrong or no teaching, poor examples, etc. But as the attack on our faith grows stronger and as the distance from our moral compasses increases, I’m convinced that we are where we are because of who we have inherently chosen to be. Until we make active decisions to build virtuous character and to better ourselves spiritually and psychologically, we’ll see more of these kinds of atrocities take place. Accountability is essential as well-maintaining a standard among your peers and for yourself also makes the difference.

    Btw, I love your writing and your tone! I look forward to reading more articles!