First Days Are Great Days to Teach Bravery To Our Children

August 17, 2015

Life is full of first days.

This week, most of our kids will have another first day of school, if they haven’t already.

And there is a reason that many schools put the first day of school in the middle of the week. First days are hard. 

I remember being especially nervous for my first day of fourth grade. I don’t know why. It just seemed like a new tier in life and I wasn’t sure I was prepared, though I was always an enthusiastic student. But I distinctly remember about halfway through the day, looking around my new classroom, the place where I would spend my days for the next nine months and believing that things were going to be okay.

And they were okay. I had a wonderful teacher and a great year.

What I have realized as a teacher is that first days are hard on our end too. I’ve had around 27 or so first days of school over my lifetime, as a student and a teacher. The teachers are nervous too. Most of us showed up before in-service to get ready.

The thing about first days is they don’t stop. There are first days of school, first days on the new baseball team, and more general first days, like first days in a new town, first dates, first days of marriage, first days on the job, first days of parenthood, first days of retirement.

I doubt that first days ever stop being a little intimidating. But first days of school are a great time to help our children grow in something…


It does take bravery to get on that school bus for the first time. It takes bravery to walk into a room with a stranger, to sit by new people and have no idea what the next year is going to look like.

But you and I all know something…It’s all going to be okay.

It’s going to be okay. Our kids will come home with smiles on their faces. They will have realized the same thing. It’s going to be okay. Their bravery paid off.


It might be the most enduring lesson we can give our children.

Bravery might be the quality that takes them furthest in life…even after fourth grade.