The Most Important Thing I Can Give My Son

May 11, 2015

Kids need a lot of things.

The current statistics say that it takes something like a quarter million dollars to raise a child. That, obviously depends on your neighborhood and standard of living.

While Cheri was pregnant, people got us started with a lot of stuff that the baby would need. There is one advantage to being the last among your friends to have a child. Everyone is ready to loan and give away their stuff. Boppies, bumbos, bathtubs, bassinets, and a two-month supply of diapers filled our home.

But our kid is going to need a lot more stuff.

He’s going to need a big-boy bed, and some big-boy toys. He will need school supplies and school clothes. He will need braces and a car. He will need all of these things.

But all of these things are just stuff. Important stuff, but just stuff.

In the years leading up to the birth of our son, I knew there was one thing that would the most important for Cheri and I to have. It is the greatest asset of any married couple. If we did not have it, all the stuff in the world would not be able to compensate for it…

The greatest thing for us to have is our marriage.

So much of our culture seems to tell us that the secret to great parenting is to give up your marriage. Give up your life, your identity, sacrifice all of your time and happiness, because that is children demand. 

We simply did not believe it then, and we do not believe it now. The greatest thing I can do for my son? It’s not take him camping or give him a car or teach him the value of a dollar.



To me, this is what Mother’s Day is all about. It’s about priorities.

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  1. Spot on! To give up the marriage ‘for the kids’ is to cripple the child for life. And yourself.
    vanilla recently posted..Journaling BBE **