Friday Fuel: For Your Mother’s Day Weekend

May 8, 2015

Sunday is Mother’s Day, and it definitely snuck up on me this year. Does it seem to anyone else that it came a week early or something? No? I must be crazy then.

Either way, I have cards and flowers to buy, but there were a ton of people who were on the ball, sharing good stuff in time for the holiday. Here is what I enjoyed most this week.

Mother’s Day Giveaway

The ladies at Grace For Moms have generously shared their space with Cheri and I, and are putting on a huge holiday giveaway. It’s a whole bunch of books, and even a big handful of cash. If you like books or money, you’ll want to go check it out.

In My Blog Reader

Elsewhere in the world, my reader was filled with different kinds of posts about mothers, parenting or family.

If you are a mom who is struggling with a lack of sleep and wondering how to love your family well.

If you have a mom who drives you crazy…and isn’t that most people?

Beautiful words from Erika Morrison on suffering from a mother’s perspective.

A discussion about parental discipline, inspired by that viral video of the woman slapping and shaming her grown son in public.

Affirmation that, indeed, mothering is a wonderful job.

A reminder that in our modern world, issues of life are extremely complex. If you consider yourself pro-life, it is no longer enough to say that life begins “at conception.”

And finally, for all the mothers, and there are many, whose children only got to be born into heaven.

Happy Mother’s Day, ladies. Whether you have your own children or not, if you are pouring into children somewhere in your life, you deserve to be celebrated.