Friday Fuel: Sharing with Toddlers and Being All Groan Up

April 24, 2015

It’s been a great week, as I and perhaps thousands of other teachers and schoolchildren see the end of the school year, the light at the end of the tunnel. We are just trying to crawl to the finish line at this point, but we know we are going to make it.

There were a lot of great things that fueled, challenged, inspired or motivated me. Here are the highlights.

On My Calendar

Tomorrow, I’m so excited to be taking part in a panel discussion on keeping your relationship together through infertility. Three years ago, I attended the conference, put on by the Kansas City Infertility Awareness Foundation. I didn’t expect 200 other people would be there. It was the beginning of my eyes being opened to see this great need, a huge number of people who believe they are suffering alone through childlessness.

On My BookshelfAll-Groan-Up-Cover-For-Web

I’m so happy for my friend, Paul Angone! His book, All Groan Up has finally been released. It’s been a long road for him to get this book out to the public. I can’t remember when he approached me for an endorsement. But it’s a great gift for grads, both high school and especially college.

In My Blog Reader

Perhaps the most impactful thing I read this week came from Rachel Boldwyn, as she shares what appears to be a completely counter-cultural philosophy on teaching children to share. When was the last time we really examined the assumptions we have about teaching selflessness, and are we really doing the opposite? A must read if you have or deal with young children.

K.C. Proctor has been on fire, producing his book and podcast on parenthood from a dad’s perspective. I loved this post, Three Stupid Words Every Dad Should AvoidDads, really. Get these words out of your vocabulary today.

There are hidden opportunities in our churches for serving and loving others. Nish Weiseth discusses the opportunity we have in the families with special needs children, families who usually are shuffled around or pushed to the edges because people don’t want to get involved with their stuff.

Finally, Abby Norman shares some real ways to be counter-culturalHint: it doesn’t have to do with hair, clothes or music.

That’s it from me. See you next week!

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