Friday Fuel: Praying Upside Down, Conversations on Power and People Who Matter In Church

April 10, 2015

This is the week when my Instagram feed filled with pictures of Art teachers prepping their school’s art shows. I’m in the trenches too, under a pile of papers and clay pieces and just hoping it looks like something by this time next week. Then I’ll have to take it all down again! Seriously, children’s art is a big deal.

In between bouts of furious working, these are the things that fueled, challenged and inspired me.

On My BookshelfPUD-cover-with-drop-shadow-350x500

Next week, a good friend of mine, Kelly O’Dell Stanley releases her book, Praying Upside Down. Kelly is a writer and artist and if you are a creative, spiritual type of person, this book is going to be right up your alley. It’s a prayer book, but it’s about art. Actually art is the metaphor for prayer. The book isn’t trying to make an artist out of you (if you don’t want to be.) It’s about refreshing your prayer life and I loved it.

In My Blog Reader

Zack Hunt shares a post that dovetails with what I wrote this week with The United Kingdom Is a Christian Nation, But The United States Is Not. Before you share that video of the Prime Minister calling the UK a “Christian nation,” read Zack’s important points of clarification that an American audience seems to be missing.

Tyler Braun addresses a topic that I don’t think I’ve ever seen blogged about with Dear Church, Old People Matter.

Kathy Escobar addresses why conversations about power and privilege never go very far and how to diffuse the anger and prejudice so we can actually speak constructively to one another, Five Popular Ways to Shut Down Conversations About Power.

Finally, Kelly Rosati speaks to what I think is probably a deeply entrenched belief, not just about adoption, but about the many systems that attempt to care for children, Adoption Doesn’t ‘Fix’ Children.

That’s it from me. See you next week!