Friday Fuel: On the Radio with Gary Chapman, the Discipline of Love and Letting Go of Legalism

March 20, 2015

Spring Break!

This week has, to be honest, flown by. With an anniversary celebration, Spring cleaning, and full days with the kiddo, the days have slipped away quickly. It was a week to be outside in the record warmth and sunshine, and then inside with the dreary gray rain.

Still, there were plenty of “unproductive” moments (kids tend to create a lot of those) when I found things that fueled, challenged and encouraged me.

On the Radio

Last Saturday, my episode of Building Relationships aired with Gary Chapman. We talked about keeping marriages together through a season of infertility or miscarriage. I’ve done quite a few radio talks, but I have to say I’m particularly proud of the hour I spent talking to this great man.

In My Blog Reader

In my blog reader, Micha Boyett talks about the discipline of choosing love and humility over being right. This has got to be one of the most neglected disciplines in our churches today. Really, if we were on a desert island, how many little groups and churches would we have come up with to keep our doctrine “pure?”

I’ve been following Addie Zierman as she traveled through Armenia with World Vision (my own trip to Uganda with World Help has made me much more interested in reading about other writers’ journeys.) This week, she kind of recapped pieces of the story and reflected on the whole event.

I have been reflecting on my adult life, which has lasted roughly twelve years or so and the kinds of advice I wish I could go back and give myself. Constantine Campbell gives five pieces of advice to young men that are spot on.

Anne Marie Miller has become a warrior for parents talking to kids about very contemporary issues. This week was the site Omegle. Of course, these conversations are very far away for me and my child, but God knows what I’ll have to talk to him about. I hope I still have the courage to do so when the time comes.

Finally, two dovetailing blogs. We can talk a long time about the sins of our society and what we need to repent of. From ReKnew, a call to repent from the sin of religion, and from Sean Palmer, a more detailed explanation of why Legalism is an illusion. Great stuff.

That’s all for me. I will see you on the other side of the weekend!

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  1. Thank you! :) A warrior!? I need to put on my Xena suit. (I do not have a Xena suit.) :) Appreciate it!