Why Our Culture Sucks the Fun Out of Parenting

February 20, 2015

Maybe you are a parent.

Maybe you know some people who are parents.

Maybe you want to be a parent. That was where Cheri and I were for years.

You know what? We all think a lot of things about parenting. And our culture sends us many messages about parenting. And most of thoseoutsidebt1 messages don’t really help parents be parents. Most of those cultural messages suck the fun out of parenting and wrack us with frustration and anxiety. Our culture makes it nearly impossible to be a parent and feel good about how we parent our kids.

Last Sunday, I spoke at Beggars Table Church in Kansas City about this very issue. The thing I learned is that I didn’t have to be a dad to fall into the same trap that parents are led into. All I had to do was try to become a dad. You can find the full audio here.

If you have time because you are on a snow day, or maybe you’re just slacking at work, give it a listen. Maybe you’ll think a little bit different about yourself and your kids by the end.