The Thing About Funerals: A Guest Post at Confessions of a Funeral Director

February 16, 2015

I’ve been to plenty of funerals. I’ve even conducted a couple.1

We all eventually wind up at a funeral. Maybe it’s for a long-lived relative. Sometimes it’s a tragically unforeseen death.

We think that a funeral is a mandatory event on the way to the hereafter, if not for the deceased, then at least for the ones they leave behind.

But it turns out that, in reality, most of the people who have ever been born, never had a funeral. They were never mourned. Their pictures and obituaries were never in the paper.

Did you know that?

Because I did not, not until my wife and I started trying to get pregnant.

I’m guest writing at Confessions of a Funeral Director. Go read the whole post at Caleb Wilde’s site.