Friday Fuel: Birdman, Body Image and Mini-Me

February 27, 2015 — Leave a comment

Yes, it’s the end of the week. And that means its time for me to share the best things that came across my radar, the things that made me laugh, cry or cringe. Let’s get started.

In My Movie Queue

Yes Birdman won Best Picture, but we both know that most of you are not going to see it. It looks like some kind of artsy-fartsy movie. No giant robots in sight.

Of the few movies Cheri and I saw in the theater last year, I cannot believe we picked the Best Picture. And we loved it. But we haven’t been too vocal about that because we know that not everyone will. Yes, it’s not a typical movie, but please refrain from leaving the theater saying, “Well…it was interesting.” That’s a lame way to say, “I’m too dumb for this movie.” You aren’t too dumb. Just go see it. It’s being re-released this weekend to theaters. Bonus points for reading What We Talk About When We Talk About Love by Raymond Carver before you go. Bonus bonus points if the title reminds you of the time Bill Hader was on Portlandia.

In My Blog Reader

Fifty Shades of Grey continues to be a topic of ongoing discussion, but I believe Jamie the Very Worst Missionary had the best commentary, and lo and behold she actually read the book and watched the movie. Her best analysis: there is abuse in Fifty Shades, but it doesn’t happen in the bedroom.

Kathy Escobar addresses what I can only imagine is a rampant problem in the church, narcissismIt’s not a pretty picture. Why do the guys at the front of our churches end up there? It may not always be a calling, but a personality.

Lore Ferguson writes beautifully about the difference between making a “mini-me” verses making a disciple.

Lindsey Nobles surrounds herself with “accomplished” women, but says what the rest of us are thinking. We are torn between being inspired by such people, and feeling like we do not measure up. We all have voices. We all have gifts. We just have to own what those are.

Finally, Kristen from We Are That Family talks about body image and daughters and Cindy Crawford and even though I don’t have a daughter, it’s a profoundly important topic to understand as men and women because the body images that women are given also affect boys and men.

That’s it for me this week. See you next time!

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