Friday Fuel: Plus or Minus Is Coming to Your Kindle This Weekend, (and Other Stories You Should Read)

January 30, 2015

I can’t believe it’s here!PlusOrMinus_Revisions1_June9

If you preordered Plus or Minus on Kindle or other ebook platforms, it should be delivered to you this weekend. It really is like another baby being born, and I hope everyone who reads it finds encouragement in our words.

Around the ‘net, there were lots of writers posting words worthy of discussion. These are a few of the best.

Lots of bloggers can find plenty of fodder by taking aim at the church. Erin at Holy Hellions discusses making peace with church.

Here in the midwest, it’s been really unseasonably warm lately. Like, the kind of gorgeous weather than makes you believe the Earth must be dying for it to be this nice. But the northeast has been getting pummelled and Zack Hunt shares a simple little gesture that some people did to help the homeless in the cold.

Addie Zierman, upon the imminent closing of A Deeper Story, shares some of her best Deeper Story posts.

Kristen at We Are That Family shares a pretty ordinary looking post with photos of her family cleaning an apartment. But it’s why they are cleaning an apartment, not to mention what this activity does for her family that is so important. I wonder how many of us are really doing family life on purpose. Our families really are at their best, not when we are at ball games or on the lake, but when we are taking time for others.

On the same note, Leigh Kramer discusses the ministry of availability. I don’t know about you, but I have not always been the most available guy to the people near me. In fact, I use the facade of busyness as a measure of my worth. But how valuable am I if I am always busy?

Finally, KC Proctor shares the first part of his “Dad Manifesto.” This guy sleeps five hours a night, starts his day at 4:00 and does all of his personal projects after putting three kids to bed. Guys, we can do it all, if we choose to.

That’s it for me this week. See you later!

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  1. Ha! Thanks for the shout out. Godspeed on your book launch. I know Plus or Minus will impact a lot of people.
    KC recently posted..Dads can have it all