Friday Fuel: Introverted Writers, Critics of Masterpieces and Slapping Girls

January 9, 2015

Well, the days have gotten short and the nights have gotten long…

…Very long in the Appling house, at least.

Week two with the baby at home is probably par for the course. Way too many people asking if we are “sleeping.” I don’t know if they are being sincere or making a joke. If it was a joke, I don’t know if it’s funny. But everything is good and the age of sleepless nights is fleeting.

This week, there were a few notables that came my way which you should definitely check out.

Me, Somewhere Else

One of my first blog interviews in preparation for Plus or Minus is over at Amateur NesterLisa writes a wonderful, encouraging blog dealing with infertility, and it’s an honor to be featured by her.

In My Blog Reader

Two related posts came to my attention this week, both written by two of my favorite writers named Emily. I’m kind of a kindred spirit with them in that publishing my writing is kind of a love / hate thing. Honestly, it’s really easy as a shy / introverted /extrovert to become really unhealthy with writing, social media and the whole feeling of “competition,” even with the way things have changed in the blog world over the last few years. So, I really loved Emily Weirenga’s The Introverted Writer: Why Publishing Is Dangerous for the Quiet Soul and Emily Freeman’s How to Stay Sane on the Internet in 2015. If you are like me, you need some grounding to keep this whole writing thing fun, rather than toxic.

On the other side of things, two of my favorite guy bloggers (who do not share a name), wrote about neighboring ideas. Paul Angone’s Four Incredible Benefits to Failing Miserably and Zack Hunt’s Even Masterpieces Have Their Critics made my day. (I don’t care if it’s not what Zack usually writes about, it was good, dang it.)

Finally, if you have not seen this video, do yourself a favor. The boys smiles and expressions are just too much. And it might just be me, but I feel like boys in our culture would never compliment a girl if asked to do so.