Creative Juice: One Week Away From Releasing My Second Book, or The Slow Work of Realizing Dreams

January 26, 2015

Plus or Minus releases one week from today.

My second book is the product of nearly eighteen months of prayer, planning and preparation.

There were about six months where I had the book on my heart, but I had to also put it on the shelf, so to speak. I had to give Cheri time to get on board, and for her, that means months, not days.

When it came time to find couples to collaborate with us, it was more waiting. I waited, because I was not willing to push to get ahead.

The big critique that people have of our generation is that we want everything, namely, we all want to be famous. And we want it now. 

For me, it’s more about worrying that I have done enough with my life. I worry that I have not accomplished enough, not given enough or exerted enough, not exercised enough influence.

But I am learning that enough is not a destination we reach. Enough is a process we do each day.

There was only one day on which I could say “I finished my book.” But there were many days when I could say, “I wrote enough and I am exhausted.”

When our generation pushes and pushes to try to reach all of our goals today, we risk cracking their fragile little shells. Dreams need care and nurturing over a long period of time. They cannot be reached overnight. The way a hen warms an egg day after day until a chick hatches. Or the way we feed Calder night after night, to watch him grow. He cannot do all of his growing all in one day. But we can say he grew enough today. 

Don’t rush your dreams today. Nurture them. Care for them. Pray for them. Treat them gently. If you want to write a book, write enough words today, but don’t pressure yourself to finish. If you are raising a child, take baby steps. If you are building a business, celebrate small victories.


We will all get there together.