Friday Fuel: Letters to Children, Introverted Christmas and Corporate Sponsored Nativities

December 5, 2014

It’s been one of those weeks that has been almost overwhelming to try to keep up with the flood of writing that has been turned out by people all over the country.

And much of it, I’ve had to kind of strain out. I have not been able to read it all.

Nevertheless, there has been a lot of great stuff to read and engage with this week. Here are a few snippets.

In My Blog Reader

Of all of the things that have been written about race relations in America today, I think the most fascinating, instructive, and honest has got to have been this story from Lawrence Otis Graham. It’s a few weeks old by now. But I read it, then read it again, then read it to my wife. This one article will be far more enlightening than another hour of CNN or Fox News ever will be.

I’ve written a few letters to my as-yet-unborn son, and so that’s why this one jumped out at me. Amena Brown Owen writes to her son cocacolanativityabout the challenges he might face in life, because of the way the world looks today. If I already had a child, I would sit down with them tonight and have a serious discussion, no matter what the age.

On a couple of other, lighter topics, Michael Perkins’ book, Identity Crisis is now in print and it looks great!

Leigh Kramer writes a love letter to Christmas – the introverted kind.

And of course, you knew this kind of Nativity scene would have to happen sooner or later.

I’ll be spending Saturday at the Woodneath Library here in Kansas City, talking up Plus or Minus. If you are in the Kansas City area, come and see me!