Friday Fuel: Get on the Plus or Minus Launch Team and Bring Hope to Hurting Couples

December 12, 2014

It’s hard to believe that in just a couple of weeks, there is going to be a strange new person living in our house.PlusOrMinus_Revisions1_June9

We have waited nearly five years for our little man, and as much as we are excited for him, we are also excited for Plus or Minus, just a month and a half away. If you want to help us bring this book to hurting couples, now is your chance to get on the launch teamI am so thankful to all of the people who have already decided to partner with us, to join their stories with ours.

Besides this, there was a ton of great content that came across my blog feed this week!

In My Blog Reader

There is a street in my neighborhood that is lined with yard signs that say Merry Christmas. Yes, Christ in in bold, and it feels less like a friendly greeting, and more like a sharp retort that you might shout at someone. I was surprised to find The Heresy of Keeping Christ in Christmas. A must read.

I think I’m fairly pro-Santa, as I’ve seen some very redemptive ways that parents tell their children the truth when the time comes. Still, I always appreciate a well-thought reason to keep the big man out of the holiday, and that’s just what Emily Wierenga delivers. If you are on the fence about Santa invading your home, these are some great thoughts.

Jennifer Dukes Lee takes on a lot of the other collateral that comes with the holiday: the stress, the endless social obligations, and discusses how to actually have an enjoyable holiday.

Finally, there was a whole cluster of blogs dealing with choice. Tracee Persiko discusses why hope is not a condition that falls upon us, but is an active choice we make. Hannah Brencher talks about not backing up her phone’s contents and the choice of making new beginnings. Emily Freeman discusses what seemingly is becoming more and more counter-intuitive: choosing connection over competition.

That’s what fueled, encouraged and challenged me this week. What about you?