Creative Juice: The (Relative) Ease of Building Strong Children

December 15, 2014

One of the things I find so fulfilling about teaching is the idea of creating…

We are creating the next generation. Bit by bit, day by day.

That’s a job I take seriously, since I am stewarding other people’s children. I hope that the words I speak and the actions I take will build them up into strong people.

In a week and a half, give or take, I’ll embark on a new chapter. God willing, I’ll become a dad. And the job of creating a bit of the next generation will become much more personal.

Cheri and I have spent the last weeks and months dreaming about the kinds of parents we want to be, the kinds of things we want to do as a family, the kind of childhood we want to provide. It’s all been very romanticized. But there is no doubt, that we have also thought very seriously about what we want to do as parents to build or to create a strong man out of our son. It seems like everything around us works against that goal, and the results have been disastrous for our culture. For all of the good intentions, can anyone disagree that there are many broken young adults?

And so it is with fear that we embark on trying to make a healthy, strong man out of our boy. We will try to resist all of the forces that break and wound and scar children. And though it seems daunting, it is the far easier choice…


Whatever you do, you can help this generation become strong. They need us to help them. The costs of letting this generation break are far too high.