Friday Fuel: Seasons of Grief, Gratitude and Giving

November 21, 2014

What’s up, everyone? It seems like everyone is just kind of puttering toward the finish line, trying to get to Thanksgiving break, trying to tie up loose ends while we run on fumes…at least that’s me! It is seasons like this, when I am busiest and time is shortest that I am most thankful for good things to read and watch.

This is what fueled me this week.

In My Netflix QueueAlive-Inside-Film-Poster-2014

Last weekend, Cheri and I watched an unusual amount of stuff, including going to the theater to see Bird Man (incredible). But we also stumbled across this documentary, Alive Inside about the effect that music has on elderly people with alzheimer’s or memory loss. Beautiful and provocative and I am not exaggerating when I say that it brought me to tears more than once. And when I showed it to my pregnant Cheri, forget it.

In My Blog Reader

Plenty of good stuff in my blog reader this week, all of it from the ladies. The guys must already be on vacation or something.

Just this morning, Addie Zierman posted a heart-rending story about a friend and family man who is experiencing a season of suffering that we all pray we never experience.

In time for the Thanksgiving holiday, Emily Wierenga discusses what our kids need to know about third-world gratitude (hint: being around third world kids reveals the hearts of our own children by comparison, and probably our own.)

Jamie the VWM talks about her distaste for short term missions and why $30,000 might not be such a terrible waste of money.

Micha Boyett shares the pain of miscarriage, a grief that many couples will be experiencing all over again this holiday season.

And Holley Gerth talks about what introverts like me can offer this holiday season, outside of awkward and painful small talk about the local weather.

That’s it from me! I will see you next week.