Friday Fuel: Being #Blessed, Having Gratitude and Parenting Disrespectful Kids

November 7, 2014

Ah, the end of another week.

Last week, I skipped this blog entry because of the Halloween holiday, in the hopes that an evening at home would give me some time to refresh and catch up on some reading. Instead, I answered the door for trick-or-treaters and watched Charlie Brown. 

This week has been a blur with work on Plus or Minus behind the scenes. We nailed down a launch event, and I’ll be in a local author fair here in my town, which is pretty exciting.

And so we come to the end of the week and the best things to grace my air space…

In My Blog Reader

This is the season of gratitude, a discipline often discussed, but maybe less understood, which is why I appreciated the words of Kristen at We Are That Family on the life-changing price of gratitude. This season is also the season of busy, a season when our to-do lists and calendars fill up so much that we might actually miss out on the holidays. Hannah Brencher discusses how to be less busy as we prepare for a notoriously busy season.

In general, if there is one persistent hashtag I hate, it is #blessed. It’s just so insipid and trite. But people like to be #blessed, right? Jamie the Very Worst Missionary takes on the meaning of the word blessedProbably the all around best thing I read this week for a culture that usually defines blessing as “getting what I want.”

If there is one word that has become pretty unpopular in much of Christian culture, I might have to pick repentance. Repentance pretty much sounds like the opposite of blessed. Lore Ferguson talks about this in the forgotten remnant of repentance. On a different note, Sammy Adebiyi discusses parenting and why he’s okay when his kids disrespect him (admittedly, I was ready to not like this one at all based on the title, but it’s not what you think.)

Finally, there has been a lot said about Brittany Maynard and most of it is, sadly, pretty predictable. Most of us live in the realm of the predictable and repeat the words and phrases that have already been circulated endlessly. Caleb Wilde brings some fresh thoughts and probably the most useful discussion to this event.

And that’s it for me. See you next week!