Friday Fuel: Open Letters to My City, Life Advice and Embarrassing Yourself

October 24, 2014

It’s been kind of an unbelievable week here in Kansas City. Not that all of you are even aware of the World Series (Kansas City is a rather small market.) But we have seen ourselves in the news all week, which is strange for a city that is located on the map in just the place to be usually hidden directly behind the weatherman’s butt.

Kansas City on the ‘Nets2014 World Series: Game 1 San Francisco Giants v. Kansas City Royals

Much of the conversation this week lingered around this Buzzfeed open letter to Kansas City from America, a letter so thoughtfully constructed, not to mention flattering, that it actually redeems Buzzfeed in my mind a bit. A day or two later, our mayor, Sly James (yes, Sly) responded with an open letter to America from Kansas City.

And then there was this gem, 13 reasons why the Kansas City Royals are the worst. It’s this kind of uninformed link bait garbage that reminds me why the internet can be the worst thing ever. Do you ever have one of those days when the lists start pulling you in, and when you escape their grasp, you realize how dirty and shameful you feel?

In My Blog Feed

Holy cow, my blog feed was chock full of goodies this week. Somehow, all of these people spoke to me.

Kristen Strong confronted my perceived and frustrate need for a bunch of friends (hint: you and I don’t need a bunch of friends.) Holley Gerth discussed being intimidated by other people and Ally Vesterfelt’s best life advice is making a fool of yourself.

One of the most distinctive pieces of advice this week came from Hannah Brencher. It is simply: stop sleeping with liars. It’s not what you think. I sleep with liars. The liars wake me up in the middle of the night. Read this one right now.

Tyler Braun is turning thirty and has thirty life lessons he has learned so far.

Caryn Rivadeneira at Her.meneutics has an interesting angle on why prayer does not need to “come back” to public schools and Micah Murray addresses the frequent church activity of throwing stones.

Finally, Sarah Bessey shares her flutters and faith as her journey through loss and childbirth gains a new little chapter.

And that is what fueled me this week. Have a great weekend!