Friday Fuel: Nothing to Lose, Personal Brands and One Step Closer to My New Book

October 17, 2014

I can’t even believe it.

If you want to know what it means for a town to lose its collective mind, send their long-losing baseball team to the World Series. Because that is what is happening here in Kansas City. And while it all still feels very precarious, the Royals have already made history, going 8-0 in the postseason. This is how people play when they literally have nothing to lose and no one expects anything of them. Maybe there is a lesson in there.

It was hard to not think about baseball this week, whether you’re a fan or not. Nevertheless, there was a lot of other good stuff that came across my radar.

On Plus or MinusPlusOrMinus_Revisions1_June9

My next book, Plus or Minus is one step closer to reality, with the editing process now underway. I am so thrilled to tell an editor that I trust him or her, and give them the reins to spill red ink all over my work. Plus or Minus is scheduled for release next February!

In My Blog Reader

Micha Boyett has long been a blogger for me to look up to, not for her tireless pursuit of faster blogging, list-making or social media domination, but more her refusal to try to be that kind of blogger. She reminds us that we are human first and writers second.

On a related note, Bonnie Gray writing at inCourage takes on the popular wisdom, that you are a brandEveryone thinks they have a “personal brand.” But is that brand really the most important piece of us?

Sarah Bessey writes a frank, yet sensitive post about using masculine pronouns for God, and I have to agree with everything she writes here. Finally, Tyler Braun takes on the perception that Millennials are notoriously uncommitted, flaky and unreliable.

That’s what fueled, entertained and challenged me this week!