Friday Fuel: Remembrance, Generous Churches and Making Art in Fifteen Seconds

September 12, 2014

Happy Friday everyone.

I must admit, it’s been a very challenging week in our home. Mostly because we have been suddenly hit with a case of worrying about our unborn child. You know, the emotional state that we’ve basically signed on for the rest of our lives? Well, it’s begun. We know as soon as we get rid of this worry, another worry will come along.

But nevertheless, God is good and faithful, and we are feeling reassurances today and we are thankful for that. Around us, there was so much going on with the 13th anniversary of 9/11 and other things of note.

Here’s what caught my attention.

In My Blog Reader

There actually was not too much about 9/11 that popped up in my reader, but Alece Ronzino offered some good words of remembrance. Emily Wierenga also asked where God is amidst the current threat of ISIS.

Switching gears, I really enjoyed Mary DeMuth’s podcast, Small Is the New BigIt’s a philosophy that I’ve long believed, but struggled to embrace.

Hannah Brencher shares the what happens when you post your phone number on the internet like Bob Goff. (Spoiler: a lot of weird men call.)

Zack Hunt calls attention to a church you probably have not heard of: the church that went broke because it gave away too much.

Finally, from Relevant Magazine, check out this article on how the church can rediscover its roots and create great art again.

In My Classroom

I don’t post too many things from my Art classes, but I was really excited about finding a new use for my underutilized GoPro camera. I posted it on my Instagram, so you should go watch it. It’s less than 15 seconds.

And that is what entertained, challenged, encouraged, edified and otherwise fueled me this week. What about you?