Friday Fuel: Letters to Children, Fighting for Unity, and Answered Prayers

September 5, 2014

Man, these four day weeks are killers. 

And, we may have just had our last ninety degree day of the season. Dang it.

I honestly cannot even believe I’m still seeing first day of school pictures in my social feeds. What have you all been doing the last three weeks? Hogging up the amusement parks? Taking up a half mile of abandoned beachfront? Grossly exceeding the maximum daily limit for catching fish?

Anyway, it’s been a fun week, school or not. And there were some particularly good things that popped up this week.

In My Blog Reader

A couple of weeks ago, I posted by opinions about the goings-on in Ferguson, namely, that my opinions do not really matter. That’s a stand that I’m sticking to. In fact, you could say, that I vehemently believe that my beliefs do not matter. Maybe that’s why I was drawn to this post from Anne Marie Miller, Fight for Unity or Don’t Fight at All. Particularly as Christians, there are so many things we can fight for. Is there anything more noble to fight for than Christian unity?

Next, I so, so, so appreciated this deeply honest, episodic post on the reality of depression from Alece Ronzino. Another thing that does not deserve our opinions so much as our mere acknowledgement.

This post from Abigail Waldron hit me, not just because it’s about infertility, but because it’s a little bit of a look at the next phase in my life. As my wife and move from childless to parents, how will we treat our friends whose prayers have not yet been answered?

Partly because I wrote a letter to my own son this week, I was especially drawn to Emily Wierenga’s letter to her son as he goes off to school. I don’t know if this exercise of letter writing to our children is really for our benefit or theirs, but either way, it’s therapeutic.

On the more practical side of things, Ally Vesterfelt discusses why creatives underestimate themselves, and how to break out of that trap.

Look at that…all women in my blog feed this week! What else?

In My Video Feed

Finally, you may have seen this clip, but if you have not and you need to see something truly “exasperating,” watch this kid react to the news that he’s getting a new baby brother or sister.

That’s what fueled, inspired, challenged and entertained me this week. What about you?