THIS is What Saving Lives Looks Like: Good News From Uganda

August 27, 2014

Last January, I went to the other side of the world, to Uganda.

I think we all have a picture in our minds of what a place like Uganda is. The thing is that what I found was so much more than what I thought I would find.

Uganda was so much more poor than I ever imagined. When I say poor, I mean that thousands of people live in slums, collect their water from ditches, do not have basic sanitation. I mean that there are systemic problems that prevent people from just “pulling themselves up” by their bootstraps, the way we proud Americans think.

But Uganda is so much more than poverty. To see only poverty is to not see the people. Uganda is a beautiful place, far more beautiful than we imagine. It is a place that is rich in spirit, where people who have nothing believe that they are blessed. The people of Uganda believe they are blessed far more than you or I do. They are grateful. They are joyful. 

Uganda is everything. It is tragic and beautiful, a combination of despair and triumph.

Last week, I got some much needed good news. The infant rescue home that we worked to fund is finally complete! We have photographic proof. The furniture is being moved in as we speak and children will soon be rescued from poverty and certain death to begin a new life in a clean, safe, loving home.




Just seeing those kids brings me back.

What’s more, the remaining rescue home is just about $13,000 away from reaching total funding! Just a few more bucks and the number of children rescued by this wonderful place can be doubled. How incredible is that?

If you can loosen a few coins from your pocket, you could assist World Help reach their goal and finish the final phase of the project.