St. Louis Is Burning, but Kansas City Cops Are Dancing in the Streets

August 15, 2014

You know, it’s been one of those weeks, hasn’t it.

It’s been one of those weeks for everyone with the death of Robin Williams. And then it was made more complicated as all of the conflicting opinions about depression and suicide started washing over social media.

It has been an extra weird week living in Missouri. And even though I’m in Kansas City, four hours away from Ferguson, it’s impossible to feel like this doesn’t hit very close to home.

There has been a reason I have not commented on these events. I just cannot find the right words at just this moment, and to be honest, I feel free to not say anything just yet. We so often rush to social media and our blogs in the heat of the moment, desperately wanting to say something, if only to assert that, yes, we have an opinion. And it just makes things worse so much of the time. So for now, I just pause and try to take it all in and when I say something, I’ll try to measure my words.

All that being said, there were tons of truthful, necessary words written over the week and you’ve already read them. But just yesterday, as I was so weary at reading the news, I was reminded of this video of a couple of cops in my own town. For all of our talk of police brutality and militarization, there are at least a few who go out on the streets every day to protect and serve, not search and destroy. I haven’t been prouder of my city in a long time.

2 responses to St. Louis Is Burning, but Kansas City Cops Are Dancing in the Streets

  1. This is a beautiful thing here, Matt — your choice to just be, as you are . . . to not say anything right now and to live in the freedom and grace. This is the heart of worship. Amen.
    Amy Hunt recently posted..responding to a mother’s worry

  2. Matt, I live in St. Louis and the area of Ferguson where all the craziness has been happening is a couple of miles from the college where I work. It has I deed been a very bizarre week here in “The Lou.”