Friday Fuel: Taking the Mic, Instagram Feeds and Being Grown Ups

August 8, 2014

Hey everyone!

Wow, I cannot believe my summer vacation has come to an end. I have spent (what I never really thought I’d say) a very rich and fulfilling week in teacher in-service. I know, that sounds like an oxymoron. But it goes to illustrate the quality of the people I work with.

I have spent the week doing everything from making lesson plans on the computer to cleaning on my hands and knees. In the midst of those tasks, there have been some really cool things pop in that recharged and fueled me.

In My Video Streamnoah-ritter-nepa-600

If you have not seen this kid take the mic from a local news reporter, you should take 90 seconds to do so. He is hilarious and quirky and much funnier than poor Sadie, having an existential crisis for the entertainment of millions.

In My Blog Reader

I actually had two blogs this week that all took very different angles on apologizing. Ally Vesterfelt found out she apologizes too much. Elizabeth Esther goes into detail about the difference between a real and a false apology (and, no, we do not have to accept the false ones).

Then there was this story from Jennifer Schmidt about an encounter she had with her daughter’s Instagram feed. Remember that raw popularity and “success” do not make or break quality. Weird Al’s new album is currently number one on the charts, a first for a “comedy” album since something like the 60s. Does that mean it’s really the best album right now? Does it even mean it’s a good album?

Everyone needs a break. Most of us fill our days with “adult” activities: performing jobs, paying bills, taking care of kids. What if we took a break from being grown ups like Emily Freeman?

Finally, Margaret Feinberg lists three great passages of scripture…that we love to abuse and take out of context. It’s my opinion that when we realize many of our religious assumptions are not really true, it can be a jarring experience. But the true meaning of the scriptures we have been misunderstanding is much richer than the made-up meaning.

That’s it for me, friends!  I’m off to Meet the Teacher day. What fueled you this week?

2 responses to Friday Fuel: Taking the Mic, Instagram Feeds and Being Grown Ups

  1. Matt, so thrilled you enjoyed the “3 Most Tempting Scriptures to Yank Out of Context.” Thank you for passing them along.

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