Friday Fuel: French Kids, Messy Modesty, and Atlas Girl

July 11, 2014

Happy Friday, friends.

Shockingly, I have just three weeks of summer vacation left before I have to head back to school, practically a crime against nature. But I’m making the most of it with a lot of writing, a lot of baby prep and even a bit of reading on the side.

On My Bookshelf


Cheri and I are not parenting book kind of people. We look at most parenting philosophies hawked by experts through a skeptical eye day because we have realized that it is not children that frighten us, it is parenting. Nevertheless, in between the baby name books that we have been scouring, I found French Kids Eat Everything. Not only is it a fascinating and delightful book, but it’s not really just a parenting book either. It’s a novel, a summarized philosophy and a cookbook. Three for the price of one.

In My Blog Reader

Catching up on my blog reading after the holiday was a treat. My pal, Zach Hunt came through with this gem Twelve Biblical Principles You’re (Probably) Not Living By. The whole thing begs the question: when can we stop using the Bible as a weapon to beat people into submission? Is the gospel good news or isn’t it?

I have written before about how every conversation about modesty (specifically, female modesty) miss the point. So I was really interested to see why Anne Marie Miller thinks the conversation is missing the point. An especially timely post to coincide with our national celebration of freedom.

Abby Norman over at Accidental Devotional wrote a fantastic little post about thinking in black and white and how the truth is always messier than we imagine it to be, especially when it comes to the truth about ourselves.

And finally, Shawn Groves asks a really pointed and convicting question: what is the least I can give? I have not met anyone in the “fifty-percent tithe” movement, at least to my knowledge. My guess is that far more of us are in the other category.

In My Video Browser

My friend Emily’s book, Atlas Girl is now on sale and she has released this trailer for the book. Check it out.

And that’s what fueled me this week. What about you?

One response to Friday Fuel: French Kids, Messy Modesty, and Atlas Girl

  1. Hi, I read the French kids book (mine are quite big already). It was interesting, but partly because the ‘American’ parenting in the book is so weird. I am never going to make my kids cream of asparagus soup, and they wouldn’t eat it anyway, but it have always expected to be able to take them out to a restaurant and have them behave properly. American kids do have the reputation ( internationally) for being gob smackingly appalling. I would suggest that you raise your expectations, and go for minimal but firm and consistent discipline. It is a big country, some children must be delightful. Good luck and best wishes.