Friday Fuel: Being a Man, Body Image, and Overlooked Leaders

July 18, 2014

It’s Friday, and a beautiful one at that, thank you “polar vortex.”

I hope it’s been as nice in your neck of the woods as it has been here in Kansas City. While it’s actually been cool enough in the house to cook, I got this crazy idea to cook a whole bunch of food and stick it in the deep freeze to save for winter. Not too shabby getting something like twenty dinners made from about the same number of ingredients.

Yeah, it’s been a busy week full of writing, working and trying to enjoy a couple more weeks of summer before we head back to school for teacher in-service. Oh, and the tallest water slide in the world just opened up here, so I’m gonna have to make time for that too.

So, what fueled me this week?

On My Radio

I don’t listen to NPR all the time, but on the select occasions that I do, I usually find something to enjoy. Their series on manhood in America has been fantastic, especially this entry about the three scariest words a boy can hear. We were all told at one time or another to “be a man” and “being a man” is usually defined in pretty narrow terms.

In My Blog Reader

What a fantastic post from Sharon Hodde Miller at Christianity Today. Have you ever heard a sermon about body image? I cannot say that I have. We sure talk about it plenty here in blog-land. What would happen if we actually had some pulpit space reserved for the topic? Do pastors think they can’t talk about bodies since body image is usually a “women’s” issue? I don’t know.

We are a culture obsessed with leadership. I bet everyone can name five “leadership” traits right now. Stuff like communication, critical thinking, vision. Those are all the things that we want in leaders. This post from Chris at No Superheroes is a fantastic antidote, the most overlooked leadership traits.

A fantastic post from Mary DeMuth on her burning out for Jesus. How many of us are teetering on the edge? We are meant to burn for Jesus, not burn out. Mary doesn’t offer any answers on burnout, just empathy. And that’s great, because most of us who have burned out feel like we are alone.

Finally, this fun little list of pictures from Zack Hunt just made my day. What does it mean to be a “oh by the way” church?

Yep, those are the things that fueled me this week. What about you?

One response to Friday Fuel: Being a Man, Body Image, and Overlooked Leaders

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