Creative Juice: Try Not Watching the News For a Week

July 7, 2014

I don’t know about you, but there are a few things I can get really obsessed with.

One of them is keeping up with the news.

I’ve got a particular news app that I check daily. Every once in a blue moon, I will actually watch the news on television. I like to stay informed and often times the news will give me some new anecdote to share over dinner. It makes for good conversation.

But being “informed” can easily turn into an obsession for me. Sometimes, I get into this state of mind where I have to know what is going on in the world, as if I’m afraid of being “left behind” if I do not keep up. And it really is not until I am forced to unplug that I remember I do not have to know everything that is happening in the world.

When I am forced to unplug for a week, I remember that constantly keeping up with all the bad news in the world does not really make me happy. It is not good for my health. After a week without the news, I feel more optimistic, more centered, more ready to live my life. And contrary to everything I might have believed, the world is still spinning, even if I do not know anything that is going on.

There is something to be said about knowing what is going on in the world and I’m not advocating a know-nothing, ignorance-is-bliss existence. But we have to remember that news is a product that people are trying to sell to us. It is like any other product from light bulbs to fast food. It is designed to make us crave more, even if the product does not really make us happy, healthy or satisfied. News tends to create cravings in us for more news.

Consuming a constant stream of news can make us forget something very important as well.

The most important news stories, the ones that we need to keep up with, the ones that we need to know and share and remember are almost always not the ones that are broadcast on television.

The news stories that will be most important to us will happen right in our own homes. No one else will report them or even know about them, but they are still important nevertheless.


Remember, the news stories that we remember the longest are the ones we write ourselves.

4 responses to Creative Juice: Try Not Watching the News For a Week

  1. That is a great idea!

    I feel better when I miss it for a day.
    theoldadam recently posted..Jesus speaks out against religion

  2. I pretty much do live the ignorance-is-bliss existence. All the news I get comes from Twitter. And I only read jokes on Twitter. So what happens is I don’t understand the jokes I read on a particular topic, so I google what they’re joking about and then that’s how I get my news. I do feel kind of dumb because I don’t have a clue what’s going on. I’d probably have a more interesting blog and tweets if I kept up with worldly things, but it’s just one more thing I’d have to do and my day is already full with eating chocolate and passing by the sink full of dirty dishes 16 times.
    Kate Hall recently posted..These Six Boxes of Viagra I’m Buying are NOT for Me

  3. Like Kate, I’m mostly in an ignorance-is-bliss season. 😉 I try to look for the stories I need or want to know about, and let go of the rest.

    Most news outlets don’t offer objective, wide-ranging reports anyway, just little (usually blood-pressure-raising) slices of stories. I don’t want to ignore the good we can do in the wider world, but having plenty of focus for the lives being lived all around us doesn’t seem like a bad thing, either.
    Melissa recently posted..On distraction and intention

  4. As somebody who worked in newsrooms for a long time, it’s easy to be a news addict…

    Like most addictions, it feels good…for a while

    Then I realize it saps my energy for the things that really matter…

    The things which you point out are closest to home…

    Thanks for the reminder.
    Bob Jackson recently posted..Faith-The Worst Week of His Life