Friday Fuel: Atlas Girl, Finding Hope and Returning Home

June 27, 2014

Have you ever felt the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Usually on Fridays, I’m telling you about several things that came across my radar, but today I’m dedicating this post to just one thing today,9780801016561 to tell you about one book on my shelf.

So have you ever carried the world on your shoulders? Yeah, that’s Atlas Girl.

I met Emily Wierenga in Africa this January. Now, I’ve read Emily’s blog for a few years, I’ve even corresponded with her a couple of times here and there.

What I did not expect is that Emily is pretty much exactly how she writes. What you see is what you get. Her stories are not a facade, not an act. She writes vulnerably and sensitively because she is just that vulnerable and sensitive with people in real life. Traveling around Uganda and Rwanda was an emotional experience for all of us. But it was Emily who was the first person off our little bus every time to pick up the first child who crossed her path. She’s the kind of person whose actions give everyone else permission to follow.

So I was really looking forward to getting a copy of Emily’s memoir, Atlas Girl in the mail.

For goodness sakes, how can one person have lived so much?

It is not that Emily has just done a whole lot or had a bunch of adventures. It is that life has happened to Emily. You’re going to read about a childhood battle with anorexia, young romance, struggles to reconcile her own beliefs with her parents’ often rigid faith, a parent’s battle with cancer, the birth of her children, travels around the world (she has been everywhere), and some kind of desperate hope to leave the past behind and never return.

Isn’t that what a lot of us are doing? Trying to escape our pasts?

But it’s Emily’s past that has given her the voice she has today, the same as you and I. I really hope you make this book a part of your summer reading. It will inspire you as lovers of stories, as writers of stories and just as people who are struggling to live out your stories.

Check out my link to the book. You can read a few pages and pick up a paperback or send it straight to your phone or Kindle, and you’ll start to realize that this feeling of carrying the world on our shoulders…we are all carrying the world.