Creative Juice: Do Something Awesome, Then Tell No One

June 2, 2014

School is out.

It’s time to make some memories.

Maybe you will make memories at home with your family, with some spontaneous or silly moments in the summer twilight.

Maybe your memories will be made out of trying something new with the people you love.

Or perhaps, you will make some lasting memories by going some place far away.

The thing that I’ve discovered about living in the age of blogging and social media is that we started out doing cool things and then thinking, “That was awesome. I want to share that.”

Then, we start feeling the need to share more.

And our thoughts shift to, “This would make a good blog post,”  “I’d better tweet about this.”

And then finally, we start looking for things, sniffing through the corners of our lives, for things we can share, almost like we need a steady flow of information about us being broadcast, so that people know I have a life.

I’m just as guilty as anyone. But the thing I’ve discovered is that mindset is a trap. It makes us a lot less creative. It makes life a lot less fun. Because it makes life a means to an end. It makes life about a product. The product is our blog or our social media feed.

What’s the best thing we can do this summer?

Make some really great memories…

Do some really awesome stuff with the people we love…

And don’t tell anyone.

Don’t blog about it. Don’t tweet about it. Don’t post Instagrams and wait for the likes to roll in. Let the best parts of your life be a secret, fantastic secret between you and the people you share those memories with.


Next week, I’m leaving town, to make some memories with my wife. I’ll post a few pictures. I’ll share with friends. But the best moments, I’m keeping for myself.

2 responses to Creative Juice: Do Something Awesome, Then Tell No One

  1. When I first started doing Facebook I fell into that trap for a bit. Thank goodness God gave me a nudge and I realized what was happening. Loving to take photographs makes the trap even more tempting. Sometimes we are so busy taking photos to remember the event that we, in some ways, are missing the event.

    I still like to have wonderful photographs so that my sweetheart and I can look back and relive the moments.That being said, there are times I make myself put the camera down and just enjoy what is happening without feeling I have to be the photo journalist all the time.

  2. There’s a lot of truth in this post. It reminds me of a time when I went to an amusement park with family and friends, and I was so focused on trying to get photos of a show (to later share) that I ended up not enjoying the moment.

    Thanks for the good advice!

    (ps – I just noticed that the person before me said pretty much the same thing! haha)
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