Friday Fuel: The Cable Bill, Prayer in School, and Being Made In God’s Image

May 30, 2014 — 2 Comments

Happy Friday, everyone.

Around here, it’s been a week of catching up and cleaning up after returning from a mission trip with my high school freshmen (more on that next week.) I’m already into summer school, which isn’t bad for an art teacher. And there’s about a million projects beckoning me at home.

Anyway, my blog reader was jammed with good stuff, waiting for me to come back home.

Prayer In School

Maybe it’s a function of where we live, but I don’t hear the prayer in school debate as much as some of you may. (I thought Kansas City was in the Bible Belt. Then I visited the Bible Belt. Whoa…) Anyway, it’s funny to me that we talk about prayer in school, but we don’t debate how much prayer we need in our workplaces, hospitals, or really any other public place. Michael Perkins does a great job turning this problem on its head.

Praying Over the Cable Bill

Doggoneit, this post convicted me, even though I convinced my wife that we should dump our cable earlier this year. It’s not just about cable, it’s about all the money that flows through our bank accounts unnoticed. Most of us have a lot of our bills on autopay (I know I do), which means we are being less and less intentional about where our money is going.

Writer’s Doubt

I don’t usually suffer from writer’s block, and apparently, neither does my pal, K.C. Proctor. (I think the hardest part for me, like many people, is not writing, but finding time to write). K.C. and I share what I’d call an even tougher problem though, writer’s doubt.

An Evangelical and a Progressive

Sure this post is mostly about her own church, but Kathy Escobar is illustrating what the rest of our churches could be, if we were committed to this. Where many of our churches (“most,” dare I say) create community by first producing uniformity (or telling themselves they have produced uniformity), her church starts with community. Isn’t that what loving one another is about?

Female and Made In My Father’s Image

Finally, we live in a time when some of us are pushing for gender neutral language in the Bible. How can women be “made in God’s image” if God is a “He.” Admittedly, God is not a “He,” though some people would strongly disagree. Karen Swallow Prior wrote something fantastic for Her.Menutics about looking like her own dad, and what it really means to be made in God’s image (hint: it’s not about our gender.)

And that’s it! What fueled you this week?



2 responses to Friday Fuel: The Cable Bill, Prayer in School, and Being Made In God’s Image

  1. I always appreciate posts like this as it provides some other places in the blog world to check out. An opportunity to unplug last weekend provided lots of fuel to get through this week.
    Jon Stolpe recently posted..Ice Breaker – Ice Cream Flavor

  2. Hey Matt!
    Thank you for the shout out and for always showing up in the blogosphere. Keep up the good work.
    KC Procter recently posted..Dad Life Rules: Jeremy Smith

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