Friday Fuel: Working Moms, Addicts, and Rich Uncle Jesus

May 2, 2014

It’s been a wet cold, Spring week.

A little bit tough to swallow when everyone just wants to escape school, and we have to have indoor recess practically every day. Though, inside, I’ve been very busy, preparing to take a group of high school freshmen on a mission trip, making sure that we cram every piece of art work into the year that we can. I’ll be spending tonight curating a collection of student artwork that is being shown downtown.

This week was an interesting mix of reads and watches.  Here’s what fueled me this week.

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You may have noticed it too, but Netflix streaming has become very heavy on recommendations based on what you’ve already seen, and less heavy on genre picks. I don’t know what I watched, but it triggered a flood of new documentaries in my queue. And although it’s already a decade old, The Secret Life of Mammals is pretty delightful, as is David Attenborough. Who doesn’t like cute little furry creatures? (There’s also The Secret Life of Birds.) It’s a show that shows the utterly astonishing variety and adaptability of life on Earth.

In My Blog Reader

Do we really love and desire God, or do we just want his stuff, like an old rich uncle? Sammy Adebiyi asks this always relevant question (because the answer doesn’t usually change): I Don’t Want Jesus…I Want His Stuff

I have to admit, one of the parts of parenting that my wife and I are dreading (if we ever get there), is the absurd level of competitiveness that people feel in their parenting. If there are little league dads throwing chairs at the referee, there are moms who post on social media about all the ways they are “winning” at being moms. Courtney Reissig sheds light on the question of motherhood being a job, while exposing the voracity with which parents attack other parents: Is Motherhood a Job?

Stepheanie Spencer has a great way of asking simple questions with her blog that I always appreciate. Today’s question is just about two little words, but which two little words we use makes all the difference: God is Great…And Yet.

And finally, if we Christians got off our high horses, we might admit that we are all addicted to something. It’s just that some of us are unfortunate enough to have an addiction that is more visible and less socially acceptable than others. Ben Moberg at Deeper Story writes about his addiction in Grace For the Addict.

That’s what fueled me this week. What about you?

2 responses to Friday Fuel: Working Moms, Addicts, and Rich Uncle Jesus

  1. Just finished Skye Jethani’s book, With: Reimagining the Way You Relate to God. I was so impressed! (I posted a review on my blog, if anyone is interested.) Now I’m starting the sequel, Tomorrowland. I’ll probably end up promoting that one too.

    And yes, LOVE the bird documentary! 😎
    Leslie recently posted..God With Us

  2. First of all, thanks for including me here. I’m humbled & honored that you read my words. Seriously. I recommend you book to people often.

    Second, it’s fun that Ben is on your list this week too. We’re friends :) He’s great- you can look forward to more good stuff from him in the future.

    Third, thank you for what you said about me asking simple questions. I’ve been thinking about they wurst ion- what is my voice?- and I find that reflection helpful.

    Fourth, have a great weekend!