Friday Fuel: Beyonce, Daughters, Mourners and Jack Bauer

May 9, 2014

It’s Friday again.

For me, that means one more week of school. It means I have one more week before I take a group of high school freshmen on a mission trip. One more week before I give the keynote speech at graduation. Well, you know how everything converges all at once.  It’s May after all.

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t find time for a few good things this week.

In My TV Lineup

I haven’t been catching a lot of television lately. But I did watch the new episode of 24, because I was a huge fan in my college days. The show looks like it hasn’t missed a beat, and looks even better in HD. I’m actually pretty excited for it.

Speaking of Keifer Sutherland, he makes a pretty awesome appearance in this SNL sketch (which is already pretty flipping funny for all of us who are “sort of” fans of Beyonce.)

In My Blog Reader

This week was “Teacher Appreciation Week,” which is ironic because all of you with school age kids, your little angels have gone positively insane the last couple of weeks.  Maybe someone timed that on purpose. Anyway, there were a couple of really good teacher related posts that popped up in my reader, like this one from Accidental Devotional, because teachers, like most people, feel underappreciated. There was this other one from Emily Freeman that’s not teacher-specific is pretty relevant to teachers and really anyone in a teacher-like role.

Last Wednesday, I mentioned infertility and Mother’s Day and wouldn’t you know it, there were two stories that came out this week that just illustrate to me the breadth of mourning that humanity goes through. There are people who mourn alone. There are daughters without moms. We can all be more compassionate toward people because everyone’s pain is real to them, even if it is not real to us.

Finally, I’ve been a big fan of Addie Zierman almost as long as she’s been blogging, and she’s hooked her readers without ever touching the “issues” that typify blogging. She explains why, and to me it’s a perfect illustration of what makes her a writer worth reading.

And that’s that! What fueled you this week?


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  1. Loved the SNL clip! Hadn’t seen that one.
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