Creative Juice: The Best Way to Have a Good Idea

May 12, 2014

What does it take to come up with a good idea?

I mean a really really good idea?

I watch kids struggle to come up with ideas. It’s understandable. Their brains are still growing. They are still learning how to think of ideas.

But the problem with most of them is that they shoot themselves in the foot. They start to come up with an idea, but then they turn back. They erase what they’ve started. They crumple up their paper. They say “That’s no good.”

Many of them never really let themselves have a truly, completely formed idea. Most of their ideas are abandoned, only halfway realized.

They never really know if their ideas were going to be good or bad.

Most of us do the same thing. We have an idea. But baby ideas are kind of like newborn babies. They aren’t fully formed. They are pink and slimy and even a little bit gross. They have to be cleaned up before we can even tell how they will ever turn out.

For all of us, especially those of us who desire to come up with new ideas, we have to resist that urge – that urge that makes us abandon too soon. That inner voice that says, “That’s no good.” Our inner voice doesn’t know what it’s talking about. Because it’s just a voice.

There really is only one way to come up with a great idea.


What if we stopped worrying about whether our ideas were “good” or “bad” and just starting with thinking of new ideas?

What an astronomical number of thoughts we would think.

One response to Creative Juice: The Best Way to Have a Good Idea

  1. I’m with ya! In undergrad, I was an advertising major. Our prof assigned us a product like Duncan Hines Brownie mix or Snickers or Comet and then have us turn in 75 sketches about the product. So on a “lame” product like Duncan Hines for a college student, after 75 drawings, I knew this product inside and out and knew the next steps. That’s how great ideas come. I do something similar in my sermon writing process.

    Great post. Defeat the voice by overcoming it with an onslaught of ideas! A great one will emerge.
    Luke recently posted..The Bible and Its Role on the Path