Three Little Words: If Only We Actually Believed Them, They Would Change Everything

April 21, 2014

Three little words.

Three little words, spoken by Jesus at the very end of his life. I’ve been thinking about them all Easter weekend.

I imagine hardly anyone who was there that day even heard Jesus even speak these three little words. They may have been spoken just above a whisper. And only John records these words.

And even those people who did hear Jesus say it did not understand what he meant.

And ever since then, we have heard these three little words, but I’m not sure we have really believed them.

Because we know ourselves. How could those three little words be true…for us? 

So we keep working at it, trying to do things that humans have never been able to do. We try to make our redemption out of “the cross…and.” 

The cross…and baptism.

The cross…and Calvinism.

The cross…and church.

The cross…and me.

Yes, we make idols out of everything that is really good. We make idols out of everything when we place it next to the cross and say “This is why I’m saved,” or “This is what makes me a Christian.”

What if we really, really believed those three little words that Jesus spoke, three of his last words on the cross? We’d stop trying to do “the cross…and.” And we would start doing the things we were meant to do.


By the way, this isn’t just a stock photo of a cross. My wife’s relative’s built it, overlooking a tiny town in Kansas and it’s pretty sweet. When it glows at night, it looks like a cross-shaped star in the sky.

One response to Three Little Words: If Only We Actually Believed Them, They Would Change Everything

  1. He is risen!

    Yes, it was finished on the cross. It’s Christ’s death and resurrection by which we are saved. We don’t need to add to it. But, like 1 Corinthians 15:17 reminds us: “…if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins.” So, in many ways, it wasn’t finished at all until Sunday.

    Or, I think I like this better: By finishing His work on the cross, Christ started something else entirely that changed the world.

    May we all walk in grace and love and connection with Christ.

    Luke Holzmann recently posted..Photos, Miracles, Lies, and Humor