Friday Fuel: Found, Budapest, Mom Bloggers and Redemption

April 11, 2014

Wow, what a week. The kids at school are already acting like school is almost out (even though we have six more weeks.)  But at least we have a long Easter weekend coming up.

This was a particularly rich week for me, I think with lots to feed my mind on.  Here’s a few things I came across.

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On my bookshelf this week has been a little treasure called Found by Micha Boyett.  I’ve been a longtime fan of Micha’s blogging, and it is absolutely wonderful to finally have her mind in book form!  Found is a spiritual memoir, written like a prayer journal, which is an altogether more intimate way to read a memoir. I’ve never been great at praying at regular intervals…or keeping a journal…or really doing anything that Micha does, and this book has been a breath of fresh air.

In My Theater

Wes Anderson and I have a love-hate relationship. I have hated more of his movies that I have loved lately. Maybe that makes me an ignorant boob. My first exposure to The Grand Budapest Hotel, I did not even know it was an Anderson film, which is probably for the best because I had no preconceived prejudices. It was an absolutely delightful, frenetic, slapstick, emotional, beautiful, memorable movie. Go see it.

In My Blog Reader

There was a lot of great stuff in my blog reader this week, but a few entries stood out. I don’t know why (because I am not a “Mom Blogger”, or a mom, or a parent at all for that matter) but I Worry for the Mom Bloggers by Jamie the VWM really hit me, maybe because really all things are fleeting aren’t they?

Two blog posts on more of the negative side got to me, God has Let Me Down by Joy Bennett, because really, if you’ve known God long enough, you’ve probably been disappointed once or twice, but that’s okay. And Grumbling and Complaining by Lore Ferguson, because I sincerely do believe (even if it isn’t in the Bible) that a positive attitude changes everything.

This post was a departure from Micah Murray’s typical stuff, but I really laughed at Ten Things Real People Do, if for no other reason than it proves that I am real…very real.  

And finally, this post from Zack Hunt, following up on the World Vision fiasco: 10,000 Chances at Redemption.

Those are a few things that fueled me this week.  What about you?