Creative Juice: On Making Things New This Holy Week

April 14, 2014

We humans like novelty.

We like new.

My wife and I are already thinking about the new place we will visit this year on vacation. We love trying new foods or reading new books or going new places.

We are meant to like new to some extent. God made the seasons to change, and every year, the seasons feel fresh.  And by the time the season is over, we are pretty much ready for it to depart.

But we are also made to like stability. The same seasons come around every year. Along with the same holidays. We may wander all around, but there is “no place like home,” right? If you’ve ever read The Screwtape Letters, you know that Lewis calls this “rhythm.”

But sometimes, our taste for the new and novel overrides everything else. That’s when we start consuming excessively. That’s when we have to buy the next new thing right away because we just can’t stand what we already have. That’s a taste for the new that is warped so that “new” becomes an idol.

But look at this.

I was thinking about this verse lately because Easter is coming up next week. It comes from Revelation, but I think it’s still relevant, because I believe Easter is more than a repurposed Spring fertility festival. I do believe Easter is more than chocolate bunnies.

I believe that God is a big fan of new. And the proof walked out on Easter morning.


Yes, God is a big fan of new. So much so, that He wants to make us into something new…

The question is, in our love of the novel and the new, will we allow ourselves to be made new?

One response to Creative Juice: On Making Things New This Holy Week

  1. Good Friday is first.

    First…we must die.

    That’s why we return to our Baptisms (where God has put our sinful selves to death)…again and again and again.

    Thanks, Matt.
    theoldadam recently posted..The Gospel IS… in certain stuff.