Creative Juice: On Making Life Worth Living

April 28, 2014

Some people are really gifted at math.

We need people like that, because I’m not one of them.

Some people are gifted when it comes to sports while others are gifted at art, music, drama. A few of us are gifted at knowing lots of people. Maybe some of us are gifted at being parents. If we are lucky, we get to do a job which we are gifted at.

But there is one job, a job we all have, which I am afraid very few of us are actually gifted at.

The job is living.

Every once in a great while, I meet someone who, for lack of any other adequate description, is gifted at living. Sometimes they write books. Sometimes they live next door. It’s not that they are daredevils or do anything extreme in order to “live life to the fullest.” They still have to go to the grocery store and take out the garbage too.  But there is something practically intangible about them, something that saturates their lives that is more than survival.

I don’t know how to be gifted at something. But I do know that I have spent plenty of days wastefully. I have wished for many days to just be over. And I suspect being gifted at living starts with not doing that. Sometimes, living well means getting in trouble…the right kind of trouble. Sometimes living well means not taking it so seriously. I think living well always starts with the decision to stop being jealous of those people who have the lives we envy. Envy is a great way to waste a lifetime while doing nothing.


Today, I will do many things that I did last week. So what am I going to do today to make my life worth living?

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  1. Oh wow! Totally needed this. Thanks a bunch! Excellent points.