One of My Photos of Africa Got, Like, Seven-Thousand Likes This Week. But This Other Photo Is Way Better

March 14, 2014

It’s been a good week for me.

I worked hard at school, which was good.

I got revenge on a cocky high schooler.  Apparently, everyone thinks my reaction was appropriate, judging by the responses to this Facebook post.

And this photo here, one of my shots from Africa got liked a whole bunch.loveworld

Like, seven-thousand times.

I don’t know about you, but that’s a personal best for me…by about 6,910.

I don’t even remember if it’s actually my photo, since my shots got all mixed up with our real photographer’s shots.  But I added the words to it and posted it a few weeks ago.

And this week it got reposted. It always helps when you get a repost from an Instagram account with a couple hundred-thousand more followers than you.

And sure, the little surge of instant internet gratification felt good.

But I’ll tell you something…

I got another photo in the mail yesterday afternoon that blows that one away.

I sat down at my dining table, having tossed out all the junk mail.  I get a lot of junk and very little that is of value. I have to look carefully between the advertisements and the coupons to make sure I don’t toss anything important. And among all the trash, inside one precious envelope was this picture.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

This is Mugisha.  He is nine years old. He lives in Rwanda.  My wife and I just started sponsoring him through World Help.

I visited his school in January.  I have seen where he lives, where he collects his drinking water.

He likes playing games.  And playing songs.  He has talent for music.  And he doesn’t know about silly things like “Likes” and “Retweets” and getting a bunch of people to tap on a photo so a little heart pops up and makes you feel good.  Mugisha knows about important things, like Jesus.

Getting his photo in the mail blows away any little drip of instant gratification I may want.

Have a happy weekend, friends.

2 responses to One of My Photos of Africa Got, Like, Seven-Thousand Likes This Week. But This Other Photo Is Way Better

  1. Are you saying that I need to join Instagram to get your fabulous “posters” or “memes” or whatever they are calling them now? Can you please start a board on Pinterest so I don’t have to join another social media? Thanks!
    tandemingtroll recently posted..My Husband vs. Superheros

  2. I live in Africa, and I love Jesus. Would you like me to send you an autographed picture as well?

    Shark Bait recently posted..Grumble Hallelujah