Friday Fuel: One More Thing, Web Comics and Family Facebook Feuds

March 7, 2014

Happy Friday, friends.

I don’t know about you, but I have had a completely crammed week, and this weekend is looking no different.  I’ll be a keynote speaker at my school’s celebration of the arts and I’m officiating a wedding.  So, yeah.

But somehow, in between preparation for all of that, I found lots of good stuff to refresh my mind.  Here’s a bit of the best.

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I am a sucker for short stories.  In fact, teaching high schoolers about short fiction is one of my favorite weekly classes.  So I was pretty excited to get my hands on a new compilation of stories from BJ Novak (Ryan from The Office). The first story opens up by imagining that the hare who lost the race finally rematches against the tortoise.  If you don’t mind a little language, it’s a funny, dryly humored fable and I can’t wait to dig further into One More Thing.

The Journey Ends

For the second time in a month, I’m mourning the loss of a blog in my reader.  I’ve been a longtime fan of Wes Molebash and his work on Insert Image.  I’m sad to see the webcomic go, but I’m sure whatever he does next will be superb.

Feeling Stretched

On my blog reader, there was lots of good stuff.  My buddy, Jeremy Statton had a trip to the hospital this week (which isn’t good), but we all know that quite often experiencing discomfort and being stretched leads to living better stories.

Buying Success

We all know this happens, but it is extremely disheartening as an author to see more evidence that if you have enough tithe money sitting in your church’s bank account, you can apparently buy a spot on the bestseller lists.

Lord, Let Him Be Funny

But on the lighter side, and by far the most entertaining thing on the internet this week was the family feuding happening between Jamie the Very Worst Missionary and her teenage son.  Seriously, if I ever have kids, I hope my family turns out like this.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, everyone.  Those are a few things that fueled me through my week.  What about you?

One response to Friday Fuel: One More Thing, Web Comics and Family Facebook Feuds

  1. I’m halfway through the BJ Novak book and it’s completely hilarious. But um, quite a bit of the language. So watch out….