Friday Fuel: Highways, Accidents, Clean Living and Praying Through Pain

March 28, 2014

Hey everyone.  Wow, what a week.

This week, I’ve been busying myself with putting together our school’s Spring Art Show, which is happening next week.  I’ll share some pictures when it’s all said and done.  All told, I’ve been able to get our kids’ artwork up five different public places around Kansas City this year, including a show next month in our town’s big arts district.

Anyway, there has been a lot that has been fueling me lately, which is great, because I’m exhausted!

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My wife got an old copy of Blue Highways for Christmas, but that isn’t stopping me from stealing it.  The book is about as old as me and tells about the author’s journey around the backroads of America.  It’s a bestseller, but it’s new to me, and if there is one thing that gets me excited to hit the road this summer, this is it.  And hey, if you’ve purchased any Kindle books, you probably have a credit coming to you, thanks to Amazon losing an antitrust lawsuit, so time to load up on reading!

I Don’t Know If I’m a Christian

Micah Murray never ceases to amaze me with his writing.  I just feel like we are kindred spirits, two lost souls in a life raft.  In many ways, I don’t know where I belong in the world of Christianity.  I can go just about anywhere and hear some teaching, some theology that just doesn’t sound right.  If I decided I was going to cut ties with everyone I disagreed with, I would be very alone, so I choose to try to love people anyway.  But there are many times I have heard what other Christians claim to be the truth, and it leaves me, like Micah, not knowing if I can call myself a Christian.

The Day I Almost Killed My Family

This isn’t the first time he’s posted it, but it’s new to me.  KC Proctor, who is a great guy, by the way, gets vulnerable on the anniversary of the day he almost killed his entire family in a car accident.  Powerful stuff.

If We Live Right…

Of all the Christian heresies and misnomers, perhaps one of the most indelible is this idea that if we live right that God will bless us.  Clearly, most of us aren’t reading our Bibles, because you don’t have to go far to see godly people dying in the desert, getting the crap kicked out of them, or just having their entire lives stolen.  Chris Lautsbaugh takes on this topic far more articulately than I could.

World Vision and Soul Stigmata

Finally, there were a few great people who commented on World Vision’s decision to hire legally married gay couples (and then reversing the decision just days later).  But I enjoyed, related to, and was affected the most by Erika Morrison, whose whole-body-pain is just dripping through her words.

And that’s what fueled me this week.  What about you?

2 responses to Friday Fuel: Highways, Accidents, Clean Living and Praying Through Pain

  1. i am so honored that my story resonated with you, Matt. and humbled that you would share it in your home. <3


  2. Wow, thanks for sharing, Matt. It continues to humble me.
    KC recently posted..The Day I Almost Killed My Family