Creative Juice: Believing Impossible Things Is Usually Step One

March 17, 2014

In school, we learned about facts:

We memorized math facts.

We contemplated laws of nature in science class.

We considered the facts of history.

Our parents taught us what was reasonable and sensible when it came to living.


As much as we base our everyday lives on facts, on evidence, on good sense, we know that when it comes to the greatest things in life, facts and good sense have very little bearing.

The audacity of a great inventor is that he believes he can build something which up to this point is impossible to create.  The audacity of great writers is that they believe they can write an original idea (something that the more sensible among us would say is impossible, for there is nothing new under the sun.)  The audacity of every great love story is that the couple can make their love work even against impossible odds.

Yes, even our faith, for all of the evidence and logic and reasonableness underneath it, at it’s very core, is quite impossible.  Are not miracles by their very nature, impossible?  

When things are impossible, there is no amount of good sense, logic or evidence that makes them possible, except for the audacious belief that the impossible can be made into the possible.

All great things that we create start with impossible.


Yes, most people will say that believing the impossible will make you quite “mad.”  But maybe the best place to start today would be to believe something impossible,

to contradict some logic,

to dispose of some good sense.

And make the impossible possible.

One response to Creative Juice: Believing Impossible Things Is Usually Step One

  1. Okay Matt, here I think you’re just trolling your non-Christian readers for a reaction. ;-)