Creative Juice: A Reason for Every Season

March 10, 2014

A week ago, I was stuck at home.  An early March snow day, which happened to also be my birthday.

Yesterday, I enjoyed a sunny afternoon with my dogs, walking around the neighborhood.

Along the way, we saw seemingly every dog in the neighborhood going for a walk.

Children were trying out the bikes they got for Christmas in the school parking lot.

Girls practiced their softball pitches and boys knocked the rust off their batting arms.

Seasons are an amazing thing.  Living in Missouri, my wife and I find the seasons to be one of the attractions of living here.  We get all the seasons, in proportion.

The thing with me is that I have let too many seasons pass me by.  A season comes, and I am glad to see it, but I fail to seize it.  Or another season comes, and I hunker down and stay under a blanket for a few months, convinced that this season won’t be very eventful.

But the reality is that every season, whether in nature or in life, has its purpose.  Whether the season is sunny or cloudy, warm or cold, God has designed all of them for something.  I have spent great seasons of my life just waiting for the next season, failing to see the potential of this season, this day, this hour.

God designs all seasons, even the painful, bitter, cold ones in order that we might be fruitful.  We are not held back by our circumstances.  We are held back only by our own willingness to grow no matter what the “weather” is.

I took this photo last December, just as the last signs of life were disappearing from the trees.  But the trees have not wasted these last few months.  And now, they are ready to spring forth again.


Today, I resolve to stop waiting for what’s next.  I make a resolution to stop promising that tomorrow I will do something great, when my circumstances are more favorable.

I promise to use this season for all it is worth.

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  1. Love this. I need to stop waiting, too.
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