Creative Juice: Poems and Trees and Fools and Me

March 24, 2014

Last Friday, I referenced a poem.

A poem by Joyce Kilman, written very nearly a century ago.

In the poem, Kilman contemplates the work of men and women.

We labor and toil and think about how to solve problems.  We build great towers and craft fine products.  We write books and songs that we hope will lift the spirits of other people.  We cook meals to share and wrap gifts to give.

But all of the work of our hands is no match for the creative genius of God.  All of our accomplishments pale in comparison.  You could say that no matter how grand a wonder we humans can build, it doesn’t match the complexity and majestic mystery of even one tree that God has made.

So what are we to do?  Are we to despair that all of our creative energy is for nothing?


Instead we take heart.

We take heart knowing that God delights in our silly poems and drawings and inventions, the way a parent delights in a child’s painting and hangs it on the fridge.

We take heart, knowing that the creative energy in us is the same energy that did create those trees.

We take heart knowing that no matter how “self-sufficient” we become through our invention and innovation, it all still rests in the hands of the first Creator.

And we take heart knowing that the mind behind all things is very, very good.


Create something good today, and share it with the One who made you.

He will like it.

2 responses to Creative Juice: Poems and Trees and Fools and Me

  1. First, it’s Kilmer — you got it right in the image but typo’d in the text. Just a heads-up. :)

    Second, it seems odd to attribute trees to God but poems to man. After all, we know and well-understand the natural chemical/biological processes that lead to trees growing. In a very real way, trees (and sunlight, and water, and soil filled with nutrients) make trees. I get why you would attribute that to God, since you believe God made nature. But in that case, why not also attribute the poem to God? Don’t you also believe that God made you, and gave you (or, Joyce Kilmer, or whomever) the ability and the inclination to write? Ditto for the towers and songs and inventions and other stuff you mentioned. I mean, if we’re saying that God made a tree even though we can watch a tree grow from seed to sapling and onward with no observable divine intervention … why not also say that what humans do is really done by God, too?

  2. “We take heart, knowing that the creative energy in us is the same energy that did create those trees.”

    Yes! Because we are made in God’s image, we have the same creativity that He has. Love it! And this is something I needed to hear as I keep failing at new things I am trying to do, even with the reminders that failure is always the part of new and wonderful things that God has us do.
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